The 6 Best MLB Moments From Monday

Pierogi, Harry Potter, A Weird Triple, Bass Hits, Mascots and more!

Yesterday’s slate, originally set for six games, was reduced to five when the Padres @ Rockies game was postponed due to weather. That meant a lot of teams were off and, in turn, so were many players. Like Juan Soto:



We also had time to learn this tidbit about Nolan Arenado playing against his former team, the Colorado Rockies, on Friday night (which is relevant here because we learned about it yesterday):



You don’t need an MBA to unwrap the idea that this is #notgood baseball economics. You may need to pass your O.W.L. in spells for this one though:



Perhaps Quattlebaum could just save us all some time with a quick, “Reducio Strike Zone!” and be done with it.

For those of you of a certain age, you’ll recognize the set in this next clip, but I do warn you, the rest of it is super weird, difficult to explain, and will likely be impossible to get out of your brain-holes for quite some time. It’s creepy and, to be honest, confusing. I mean, why are the two Chicago mascots, thankfully masked, meeting up in NYC?



There was this new reason to love Dane Dunning



…this new reason to love Eugenio Suarez…



…and lest we forget, this double-downed reason to love Alex Fast:



Finally, before we get to the goods for yesterday, here’s a list of players drafted outside the top 300 that are good as brought to you by the incomparable Nick Pollack himself:



I should have bet somebody I couldn’t seamlessly work in Tweets from both Fast and Pollack in the same recap article. I’d have, like, $5 right now.


Kelenic Call-Up


So, we don’t have a specific day or time yet, but we have this bit of exciting news:



In business, specifically market trading, there are people who employ a strategy that is, basically, to do everything the opposite of what day-traders do because day-traders are either dumb or unlucky a lot and in the long run the “house” usually wins. I would like to suggest that people begin to use a similar strategy in making fantasy baseball decisions using me as the “day-trader” because I literally finally dropped Kelenic in three different leagues yesterday. If you do the math, this means that there was roughly a 100% chance that this news would break today.

I am not the only one struggling though:



The Reds and the Pirates Standoffs


This video speaks for itself but I will warn you: It gets uncomfortable:



This was not the only showdown in town last night. The social media teams got into it here with some light, passive-aggressive trolling:





Nick Solak, Carlton Fisk Connection


So Nick Solak is named after a bar. The story is actually kind of sweet and starts at (00:35):



Pretty lucky break for him, to be honest. That could have gone lots of different ways depending upon which establishment his parents had chosen that night.


A Totally Normal Triple


Triples don’t happen all the time. Things have to go just right or the hitter has to be super fast. Often there is some sort of misplay or bungle. And then there’s this from the Baltimore vs. Boston game:



So to recap: the shift, combined with the ball not being caught and third base not being covered resulted in a flare off the end of the bat being a triple. Just like you learn in Little League.


Back-to-Back in Houston


Home runs are fun. Back-to-back home runs are more fun. Back-to-back home runs against the Astros in Houston? Well that’s just a gift from the heavens:



Trey Mancini


What can I say? Watching Trey Mancini come back is glorious. Not sure how you avoid rooting for him, even if you want the team to lose. Here’s a great interview with a quote that really puts things in perspective:



So there you have it: Monday. And if that wasn’t quite enough for you, then here is a Pierogi Race complete with “track announcer” and the incorrect spelling of pierogi.



Check us out tomorrow for more of the Best MLB Moments!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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