The 6 Best MLB Moments From Sunday

We love baseball...here's why!

Another wonderful day of baseball brought out the best in the players we love to watch – whether they were bruised, bonkers or they needed to throw a complete game quickly as their partner was about to give birth in hospital. Let’s jump into the best of Sunday’s action.




Usually, we are screaming, “Do Not Run on Ramón!” when waxing lyrically about Oakland Athletics center fielder Ramón Laureano. The man with the laser cannon was making headlines for other extraordinary reasons yesterday. With the game tied at 5-5 in the top of the eighth inning, Orioles outfielder DJ Stewart smoked a 0-2, two-out pitch to deep left-center field. At one stage it looked like the ball was long gone. Laureano had different ideas.


Not content with taking away a two-run lead for the opposition going into the ninth inning, Laureano decided he liked that idea for his own team. Have an inning, Ramón.


The A’s went on to win the game and now have a 17-12 record in the AL West after starting the season 1-7. The beautiful smiles across the team show how happy people are in Oakland right now.


Well, there are different kinds of beautiful, I guess!


Why The Rush, Max?


The impressive way in which Max Scherzer tore through the Miami Marlins yesterday became all the more apparent shortly after the end of the game. The Nationals ace made light work of the Marlins hitters, allowing just one run on five hits with zero walks and nine Ks while pitching his 12th complete game, 11 of which have been for the Nats. Scherzer was in deadly form on the mound.



Apparently, there was a good reason to sow this one up in a quick fashion.


Winning While Eating


We all love the guys who caught the ball with his nachos the other week but the real skill is catching the ball while still eating your ballpark grub. There is no finer way to do it than what this gentleman achieved today in Philadelphia. Ice cream should never be compromised.


And, if the ball doesn’t come to your glove I guess filling it with popcorn is a worthy replacement.


2 Slams, 2 Innings


What’s better than a Grand Slam in an inning? How about two in back-to-back innings? The Dodgers know how to put on a show. First, it was AJ Pollock getting the party started in the 1st inning.


Then, with the bases loaded in the 2nd inning, up stepped Matt Beaty to make some memories.


You feel like this Dodgers team is only getting started with antics like this. Exciting, right?


When One Hat Is Just Not Enough


Caption this…


Hurts So Good


Well done, Mark Canha for breaking the one franchise record everyone wants…most times hit by pitch! The cheeky hat tip was definitely called for, nice work Mark.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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