The 6 Best MLB Moments from Thursday

Yet another slow-pitch home run, glove-throwing, and Marcell Ozuna.

Happy Friday, everyone! You have once again made it through another week and get the awesome reward of watching baseball all weekend! Yesterday, we had organists throwing shade, more glove-throwing, and more slow-pitch dingers. And, to relief of many fans, including myself (#TheNoHitterIsLosingMeaning), there were zero no-hitters thrown yesterday. Read on for more!


The Astros Shame Tour Continues


Dieter Ruehle, the organist for the Dodgers and LA Kings, is a treasure to listen to at games and in the background on TV. In my very important opinion, there should be more organists at baseball games. Not only does it add a classic baseball element, but it also adds a little unexpected element of game entertainment, like Josh Reddick found out. Playing regular music is fine, but organist music is better.

At least Ruehle’s rendition of the song didn’t end with him or Reddick throwing up:

We’ll chalk that up as a big win for everyone. Although, Dodgers fans might have found it funny to see Reddick upchucking at the plate.


Nice Try, Stevie


Joey Wendle¬†had the opportunity to step up to the plate against ace relief pitcher¬†Stevie Wilkerson,¬†with the Rays up 9-1. Evidently, he wasn’t sure that the Rays had enough insurance on their 8-run lead. After an epic struggle against Wilkerson’s offspeed stuff, Wendle figured out what was coming next:


Can we get Tony La Russa to live-react to this clip? I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say.


Did He Go Around?


Now, I don’t think the batter is allowed to swing at a ball after it touches the catcher’s mitt. But Marcell Ozuna really considered it for a second here:


Now, if I’m¬†Jacob Stallings¬†and I see¬†Marcell Ozuna¬†starting to swing his bat a little at me/the ball, my grey pants are probably going to turn a little bit brown. Ozuna is a¬†big boy.¬†Thankfully, Ozuna thought better of trying to golf the ball out of Stalling’s mitt and instead was rewarded with a ball.




Josh Sborz¬†did his very best to stop this ball from Miguel And√ļjar:

Just like I did last week, with the¬†Jean Segura¬†glove throw,¬†I have to wonder what the end goal is here. Is the glove going to stop the ball in a manner that makes And√ļjar’s hit playable? Would Sborz throwing his glove at the ball change the direction of the ball in a way that’s favorable for fielding? The world may never know…


Even More Shohei Ohtani Programming






In Minor League news…


Now, get out there and enjoy your baseball!

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