The 6 Best MLB Moments From Wednesday

Fun returns, double swings and a big leap.

Well, everyone, this was the last Wednesday of the regular season. What a ride it’s been. It’s been weird, crazy, and overall a good time. Now, we get into the playoffs, where things are sure to get a little weird. So, how about we see what happened on our final regular season Wednesday, shall we?


The Return


Madison Bumgarner is a legend in San Francisco. He was a member of three World Series-winning teams, and of course, you know what he did in the 2014 playoff run.

Well, in free agency, he left to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Earlier in 2021 was his first return to San Francisco. But, on Wednesday, he had a greeting with an old friend.

Lou Seal came over to greet Bumgarner and the two shared a handshake. Then, Bumgarner got a bit of a head rub and did something you never really see the lefty do. He smiled! Giants fans love Madison Bumgarner and he loves them. Now, we see the Lou Seal still has a soft spot for the pitcher.


Segura Swung Twice


We’ve seen a player hit the ball twice on one swing. We’ve seen a player use his bat to collect the ball after a ball in the dirt or a foul tip. But Jean Segura had another idea. 

After swinging and fouling it off behind the plate, the ball took a weird bounce straight up into the air. It hung up for a long time, and no one went to catch it. Instead, Segura did this:

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen something like this. I’ve seen a player tap the ball with his bat to send it to a dugout. But Segura was trying to hit the foul ball as hard and as far as he could. He was turned, so maybe he was trying to hit it into the stands for a souvenir. Or maybe he thought no one noticed that he fouled it off and tried to hit a homer.

Either way, this has to make you laugh.


Foul Ball Happiness


Oh, look. I’m putting another fan getting a foul ball in here. Well, sue me. I’m a sucker for it. It makes me happy. 

An older man catches the foul ball and gets excited before giving it to a little girl.

The reaction of this fan says it all. She was so happy! She even turned around to show everyone what she got. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this is what it’s all about.


Wander… How?


We are so spoiled with young, stud shortstops. If you haven’t seen, Wander Franco has reached base in 43 straight games. He’s 20. That is ridiculous. However, that isn’t all he can do. Apparently, he can defy the laws of gravity.

Franco has ridiculous hops, apparently. Much like Fernando Tatis, it’s almost as if he stops in mid-air and uses the air to jump further. I don’t really understand how they make these plays. I mean, I love watching it, but it makes me scratch my head. How do they do it? How do they make it look so easy?

You only get these kinds of plays in baseball.


Dual Threat


Utility players have been a staple in baseball forever. However, we might be starting to see a new breed. First, I’ll show you the play: 

Daulton Varsho is an athletic catcher. So athletic, in fact, that he can play all three outfield positions. That is something that is new and incredible. We’re pretty accustomed to catchers being, well, pretty slow. Varsho is different. He has the athletic range to play outfield. He’s played 28 games in center in 2021, as well as 39 games at catcher. That is something we’ve never really seen. I, for one, think that is fun.


Minor League Excellence


Let’s take a look at something cool that happened in the minors. Bobby Witt Jr. is a top prospect. He’s likely going to be really good. He hits, he hits for power, and oh yeah, he can play some defense. 

Going to your left to dive and making a play in the outfield from the shortstop spot is something you hardly see, even from the elite defenders at short. I, for one, think that’s something that you say, “OH WOW” to. I’ve watched it a lot.


Well, next time you hear from me it will be the playoffs. It’s been fun showing you all of the fun stuff from the regular season Wednesdays. See you soon.

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