The 7 Best MLB Moments from Friday

How does it feel to be Rafael Devers?


Keeping it Cool with Kole


How long did it take to catch your first baseball? Some people go years waiting for that moment to come. But for a lucky few, sometimes it falls right into your lap.

In the fourth inning,ย Kole Calhoun meandered his way to the foul line while chasing a drifting pop-up from Austin Riley. The ball was destined for the seats, but Calhoun was still going to try for the out. That is, until he got outplayed by one lucky kid.


Calhoun walked away smiling, and that kid became the coolest fan in Truist Park all without ever leaving his seat.


This was the kid’s very first game! Paul Byrd later talked to the lucky young fan to hear how it all went down.

You’re not just famous in Atlanta… you’re famous across America.


2021’s Ferris Bueller


Baseball taught me more than a lot of my college classes. You could create an entire well-rounded curriculum just based on this one sport. Study statistics by scouring the depths of Fangraphs! Touch up on your history by learning about Babe Ruth during the Great Depression and WW2! Improve your reading comprehension with some classic baseball books like “Ball Four” by Jim Bouton (although that one may not be entirely kid friendly).

So yes, baseball is educational. And this fan understands their priorities.

Even 35 years ago kids were still picking baseball over school. That much will never change.


Your Daily Willians Astudillo Highlight


Wait, how have I not said anything about Willians Astudillo yet! Okay first off, he hit a ridiculous home run yesterday. Just look at this thing.

That is the highest pitch hit for a homer since Sept. 2019. According to Inside Edge, Astudillo has a .344 career average on pitches above the zone. Even Astudillo knew this dinger was special. So he just had to make sure Jake Cave brought it up during Cave’s postgame interview


“They pay me good… I play baseball… and I hit homers” – Rafael Devers


Let me throw a question at you: how does it feel to be you?

Woah, isn’t that some deep, existential stuff?ย Rafael Devers was prepared for that curveball from Red Sox hitting coachย Tim Hyers. Take a look at his wholesome response.

Devers isn’t even 25 years old. Over the next decade, he will be paid a lot of money, play a lot of baseball and hit a lot of homers. If Devers is this jubilant right now, then there is no limit to his happiness.


Don’t Knock on Wood


Jazz Chisholm has made waves this season with his electric style both on the field and on his head. But yesterday, he wasn’t the one making the flashy playsโ€”well, other than that first inning bomb.

In the sixth, Chisholm rocketed a 101.3 mph bullet right back atย Alex Wood. But Wood, who was in the middle of his best start in the past couple of years, had everything working out for him. Wood barely moved his glove and made the play with style. Chisholm couldn’t believe it, and Wood couldn’t hide his smile.


Real recognize real.


deGrom is a Confirmed Soul Stealer


Jacob deGrom is pitching out of his mind right now. And he’s doing at almost 33 years old… with his velocity increasing every single year. What’s the secret to his eternal youth? Obviously it’s from harvesting the youthful vigor of the hitters that he has conquered. James McCann told SNY reporter Steve Gelbs that deGrom “doesn’t want to beat you. He wants to take your heart and your soul in the process.”

So naturally, journalists had to confirm this with deGrom himself.


It’s Dรฉjร  Vu All Over Again…


The Tatis family just loves hitting in Dodger Stadium on April 23.

That’s right, yesterday, Fernando Tatis Jr. tookย Clayton Kershaw deep twice to lead the Padres to a 6 – 1 win.


22 years prior, and standing in the same exact spot, Fernando Tatis Sr. hit two grand slams in one inning off Chan Ho Park.


Not only that, but they almost hit their home runs into the same two sections. Talk about a freaky Friday…


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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