The 7 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Three games. The Dude. A Nixey Callahan reference. Bass Hits. Check it.

This one’s going to be a little different. Not because I am feeling experimental or even because I feel the need to mix things up. It is for one very simple and straightforward reason:



There were only three games on the docket and two of them were on the West Coast which is tough for this East Coast dad of two young children and teacher of adolescents who gets up between 6:00-6:30 AM on Tuesday mornings.

I generally like to start with a slew of cool or interesting things that happened that may not make the “final cut” but are worth having on the radar anyway. This time, there is a solid chance that that comprises about 90% of the piece. CUT ME SOME SLACK, THERE WERE ONLY THREE GAMES! I’m sorry for yelling.

So as you peruse this recap of things from Monday, understand that I have expanded the definition to include anything that happened, anything that was tweeted about, or anything people were talking about on Monday. I was less strict with the “MLB” part and, in some cases, even the “baseball” part. This one breaks some rules and by some, I mean nearly all of them.

Quick check:




The Dude abides, and who are you to argue? So buckle up, because this is going to be a fantastic journey, albeit a wild ride with at least one Nixey Callahan reference. You read that right!


Stuff From Teams


Let’s get started with this piece of awesomeness from the Cincinnati Reds with regards to the Great American Ballpark about a concert that will happen after they play the Marlins on August 21st:



And then there is this from the Chicago White Sox with a cool look at their City Connect jerseys:



And this we’ve all seen that is most definitely NOT what the people want:



The Seattle Mariners announced this, and it’s dope:



And also shared this:



The Orioles at least have this to be excited about:



This came out of Colorado (well out of Miami and shared by Colorado):



And this from Milwaukee:



Unfortunately, Hiura wasn’t the only once-promising young talent to be sent down (but of the two is certainly the one to be FAR more concerned about):



Montana Fouts’ Feat


So this is neither MLB nor baseball, but it’s amazing and deserves recognition so here it is, in all its glory:



I want to say, “Congrats, Montana!” but I have a feeling it’s “Ms. Fouts” to me—as it should be.


Fenway Fun for the Sox


It is well documented that I am a Red Sox fan and under normal circumstances, this would feel a little bit homer-ish. Or a lot a bit. But please keep in mind: three games.



This is a good thing that happened for Miami too:



This Day in MLB History


Let’s look at the 2010 MLB draft class, a draft that started 11 years ago yesterday. You may recognize some of these names:



And here’s a dude that made his debut 10 years ago:



That one is called, “The Evolution of Facial Hair.”


Jackson Kowar Called Up


So the outcome wasn’t necessarily special (translation: very bad with a 54.00 ERA in .2 IP), but it’s worth noting:



The Shohei Show


Shohei Ohtani did good things again. It led to a flurry of Twitter activity showcasing how unbelievably good he is and I share that with you here, now:



And finally this gem from the Angles themselves:



In deFense of deGrom


The mere suggestion that Jacob deGrom might be using foreign substances led to a circling of the metaphoric wagons:



Some suggest he’d be even better if he did use substances. That might be the best argument for allowing them out there.


A Conclusion


Here are a few more things that happened that were fun, a smorgasbord of clips and facts for your entertainment that will hopefully be, well, entertaining:



And this (non-MLB) overlay that shows how hard it is to hit baseballs:



Of course, we couldn’t make it all the way through a Monday recap article without the latest episode of Bass Hits from Alex Fast. Here it is, enjoy!



Check us out again tomorrow, where there will be more than three games to talk about!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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