The 7 Best MLB Moments from Monday

All-Star voting, Big Sexy, Vladdy, puns and the runs.

Last Monday the challenge was how few games were on the slate. This time, the challenge was sifting through all of the social media content of teams and teammates lobbying for more All-Star votes for their players and friends. The first progress report on the votes was released yesterday:



Not everybody was pleased:




It wasn’t just IKF, though, as teams and players sent up tweetstorms pushing for their players/teammates. For example, Chris Bassitt of the Oakland A’s showed his support for Matt Olsen and did so with a Dwight Kurt Schrute III gif which, by any measure, is worth bonus points:



Nonetheless, there were several gems and some really fun moments to share with you, faithful reader, starting with this magic from 48-year-old Bartolo Colon as Big Sexy through a complete game in Mexico:



Jomboy also tweeted something out about identical twins and genetics, but it was far too disturbing to include here. It was nearly as disturbing as this news:



There was also some promising news on the injury front, though nothing imminent:



There was this fan realization about how hard it is to hit a baseball:



And this embarrassing moment for the hitter from the DBU – Virginia game:



Brad Marchand, without any more hockey to play, made an appearance at Fenway:



And we got this gif from Codify that is just fun:



And with that, and this Christian Yelich mood…



…we are ready to dive into the night’s best moments.


The Blue Jays Are Good


The north-of-the-border-playing-south-of-the-border-but-only-until-it-is-safe-to-return-to-Canada Toronto Blue Jays mash and their Twitter account doesn’t want you to lose sight of how good they are:




They don’t want you to forget about their new ace, either:



Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is Good


A big part of the Blue Jays being so exciting this year is because of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s breakout. He had struggled a bit in his first big-league experience and going into drafts this year, many fantasy players were torn about how to invest. Now there are two groups of people: those who were hype and those who were dead wrong.

Here is another angle on the home run he hit against the Red Sox from above:



And another with a good look at trot:



Eno Sarris had this to say:



Our own Alex Fast sent this out:



And Batting Stance Guy sent this one out that simultaneously works to warm my heart while also making me feel old as ducks. That’s the expression, right? It’s the way my phone always sends it in texts, so…



Team Twitters


Some accounts are just a fantastic follow and sometimes accounts just connect with a Tweet, really barrel it up, and connect with the sweet spot. Yesterday, the Cleveland Baseball Team’s account did just that:



Totally gross and totally perfect. They did at least also put this photo in front of our eyeballs as well:



The Cubs celebrated back-to-back jacks by Anthony Rizzo and newcomer to the awesome-at-baseball-club Patrick Wisdom:



Then there was this exchange between the Tigers, seemingly starting with a self-own, and Cleveland:



And there was this from the White Sox that I couldn’t NOT include:



If I had a nickel for every time I heard that joke…

There was this pun-tastic post from the Washington Nationals:



And, finally, this reminder that Fernando Tatís Jr. is not the only young stud on the Padres:





Yesterday, Adam Wainwright hit 1900 career strikeouts:



Mitch Moreland got his 1,000th hit:



And the smartest guy in the game, Patrick Wisdom, made a little history too:



Okay, it’s not fair to expect him to be the smartest player in the league, but he should at least be able to dispense some really sage advice.


San Diego Padres‘ Booth


This is simply a Don Orsillo appreciation segment:



Players Being Awesome


Some guys are awesome because they are so good at baseball and do incredible things. Some are awesome because they are fun, play with intensity, or are super fun to watch. Some guys are both. Here are some guys:



The Mariner Moose


There isn’t much to dissect here, but this was pretty well crafted:



And that’s going to do it for this installment of Best MLB Moments. Check us out tomorrow and every day.

Oh, you thought I was actually going to let you leave without seeing Joey Votto salsa dance? You silly goose, you. Here you go:



Have an awesome Tuesday!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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