The 7 Best MLB Moments from Monday

A 70-year-old, Schwarber, Castellanos, Cleveland, Bauer and vomit.

This article isn’t about me. I understand that. But if you’ll indulge me for just a moment, I’d like to digress.

Writing the Tuesday wrap-up article involves a commitment to Monday’s games, often late into the night, especially for those of us on the East Coast. I have two little ones and my wife and I have a pretty solid rotation going, switching off days and nights for which we are responsible so that the other gets a break. Mondays, my wife is on kid duty and I am on “article duty” which makes it sound like a burden rather than the awesome opportunity it really is.

I routinely head next door to watch my Twitter feed with a buddy and enjoy the fact that, while there, I am not a husband or a dad or a homeowner or anything except a guest. It is freeing. If you have a neighbor friend and a chance to take an evening and just chill on their couch, I would do it. Five stars. Would recommend.

So last night I wandered over and they had the Yankees on. I’d been following the start of the game and had an idea of how things started. My buddy greeted me with “The Angles pitcher just threw up all over himself.” I was surprised and, in my head, I was pondering just how many runs he had given up and which Yankees players had teed off, secretly hoping it was only those I roster in fantasy.

“How bad was he?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “He actually blew chunks off the back side of the mound”

I immediately took to Twitter to see if I could find a clip and, if it was there, whether it was appropriate to share with y’all in this here article. I searched for Dylan Bundy, found the clip and it was gross. Not suitable for posting here. You can find it easily enough yourself if you haven’t already seen it, but don’t. One Star. Definitely would NOT recommend.

What I will share is this:


And this, the aftermath, and the reaction from Kevin Durant, American professional basketball player:




It was a hot day in New York, the Northeast, and plenty of other places as well. Dylan Bundy got heatstroke and I sincerely hope he is okay. I also sincerely hope you don’t watch the clip if you’re squeamish.

As a quick palate cleanser, here is something cool that was put out yesterday; it is a sort of tradition in the Milwakee Brewers’ press box:




We also found out about another participant in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star game in several weeks’ time:




There was also this feel-good story about redemption after the 1961 Yankees did a bad thing:



This obligatory “Angel Hernandez is bad at umpiring which is ironic because his job is to be good at umpiring” moment:



And this shade from the Nats:



There was this wonderful approach at the plate that resulted in a scorcher of a base-hit, just like you draw it up in practice:



And finally, before we get into the official moments since we know this is how that game started for the Yankees…



…let’s check back in on the Yankees game after Dylan Bundy tossed his cookies:



Okay… not good.


Trevor Bauer


Let’s start with a guy that everybody agrees on. That’s clearly a joke because he may be the most divisive player in the league. Haha. Get it?!

Here’s the beautiful part of what you’re about to see: Whether you love him or hate him, there is something here that will make you happy. If you want to see successful Trevor, then this one’s for you:



Alternatively, if you delight in bathing yourself in the Schadenfreude of his failings, hoping they will lead to his ultimate demise, leaving him in a smoldering pile of misogyny and general jerkiness, then this is likely to tickle you pink:



Either way, from your perspective, whatever that is, something good happened with Trevor Bauer yesterday.


Cleveland and Its Baseball Team


Cleveland scored 13 runs. 13! Runs! CLEVELAND!!! In what may be slowly becoming a trend with their social media and the night to which I am assigned to write this piece, they once again made a diarrhea pun and, since I opened with a story about a player vomiting, I figured there were far too many reasons that I need to include this here. So here it is, included for you:



Here’s some more fun from their Twitter:



And they were not alone; they had a partner in crime in Bally Sports Cleveland:



In all seriousness, though, José Ramírez definitely deserves his due for this:



Hard to outdo that!


Nicholas Castellanos Outdoes That


Okay, so before we talk about last night for the Reds, can we take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness that is Nick Castellanos? I mean, my word, what a season for him so far. Too bad nobody is out there making a huge play for him to get voted in the All-Star game as a starter. I mean, trying really, really hard with Tweets and stuff…



Even if somebody could just talk about his character and attitude in some meaningful way to help his cause:



Or perhaps, an account that would stylize his accomplishments:



Or at least brag about successes:



Too bad none of that is out there or he might have a legit chance at being voted in.


Joey Votto and Another Amazing Moment


Joey Votto is who he is. He has always been that way and I cannot imagine him changing anytime soon. And in so many ways, thank goodness. Here is another example, captioned twice by different accounts, both paying tribute to a moment that deserves to be honored:



As a son who lost his dad far too soon, and a dad of two little girls, this one really hits home for me. My heart goes out to her, her dad, and their entire family.

Votto also did this:



Kyle Schwarber, Friend of the Devil


With all due respect to the Grateful Dead and their tune (covered by Counting Crows in a version I much prefer, despite the fact that people may come @ me hard), a deal with the devil is the only thing that can reasonably explain what Schwarber has done this month, including what he did last night… TWICE:



There was some hard-hitting investigative journalism done and they came to this conclusion:



But I’m going to stick with deal with the devil, final answer.


Debuts are Fun


It’s always exciting when a young player comes up and takes his first cuts at the MLB level. Here are two such moments from yesterday worthy of acknowledgment:



And then back to the Cincinnati Reds for the other:



Bailey (does not) Falter


This is short but sweet. And it is very, very sweet:



He really is just FLAILING hitters up here. Nicely done.


So there you have it, Monday’s greatest MLB moments. Today looks like another scorcher for parts of the country so:



If you’re hot, at least you have baseball.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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