The 7 Best MLB Moments from Saturday

Banana peppers, possible secret code, two whoms, DIPA, and baseball.

This past week was a weird one for me. My summer vacation was over and it was time to head back to the classroom. Monday and Tuesday were teacher days spent preparing for the return of the middle schoolers with whom I spend 10 months a year. On Wednesday they came back. Wednesday night I recorded an episode of Dugout Study Hall with my co-host Alexander Chase with whom I now need to have a conversation about his Twitter cover photo. As we recorded, the remnants of Ida raged outside my house. So much so that, after 5-6 inches of rain, my second day with students scheduled for Thursday was canceled which also meant my Kindergartner’s second day of Kindergarten was also canceled. She was not happy.

Also, that’s two correct uses of the word “whom” in one paragraph so please contact me for my Venmo.

Yesterday, I had a doughnut and a bagel for breakfast which is unheard of in my house and due solely to the Dunkin’ app allowing us to place an order for hot food at a location that does not serve the aforementioned hot food. Later in the day, I spent a good hour slicing up banana peppers from my own garden, something I did for the first time ever this summer, prepping them to be pickled and enjoyed later or, if I screw it up, turned into future trash.

These are reasonably hot banana peppers for me, an average person who likes somewhat spicy food, and I can attest to this not only after having eaten a couple of bites but also after having forgotten all about how much I handled them and touching my face and nose. My hand also had some pins and needles for a while and I’m really hoping it was just the pepper residue and not some sort of neurological “event” in my life.

All of this is to say that my weird week had me excited for the weekend and the fact that I had the time and space to burn my eyes with hot-ish pepper juice means it is Saturday and I am about to hit you with the Best MLB Moments from the best day of the week.


The Warm-Up


Let’s start with this tweet that came to us on Saturday (about Friday’s game) from Steven Cohen and is either a simple typo or some sort of Illuminati, New World Order secret message or signal about a pending economic catastrophe. I will let you decide:

On a definitely happy note, this is a very good pup at a minor-league game:

An unfortunate incident:

And an eagle-eye analysis of that unfortunate incident:

A very happy, or very sad, but definitely very wet Mariners fan:

A legendary note from a baseball legend:

A crazy collaboration West Coast DIPA with an awesome name:

A superlative performance from the New York Yankees:

You’re the pun that I want – ooh, ooh, ooh:

Some universal Fernando Tatís Jr. love:

And, finally, a Joey Votto moment that none of us saw:


Alex Fast, Mario Kart, and Up


This is a section devoted solely to my appreciation for a couple of clever Tweets. To be specific, these two:

RIP Ed Asner.


A Jinx and a Walk-Off


Let’s get the Red Sox out of the way. Accuse me of being a homer, fine. I can take it. But I will honor the fact that the Red Sox shouldn’t have needed a walk-off:

To be fair, Adam Ottavino was jinxed in about as jinxy a way that ever has a jinx jinxed:

However, all is well that ends well and Alex Verdugo took care of that:

And he had some thoughts about Cleveland intentionally walking J.D. Martinez to get to him:


Another Walk-Off


When a player who used to play for one team plays against that team as a member of a new team, we sometimes call that a revenge game. If you want to call this that, I won’t stop you. It may sting for the former team, but it usually really hits home for the fans of that former team. A fan might even post something like this:

Right before something like this happens:

As the term implies, when this sort of thing happens the defense usually “walks off” the field as the home team celebrates a victory. One Oakland Athletic stuck around for a while and somebody asked Tony Kemp on Twitter about it, prompting this reply:


A Couple of Milestones


Teoscar Hernández helped himself to a piece of personal history last night:

Congrats to Teoscar! However, the night really belonged to Salvador Perez as he hit his 39th and 40th home runs of the season:

Congrats, Salvy!

I’ll never get used to people saying things like this.


Obligatory Ohtani


This would be installment 273 I think, but there’s just no way around it. Here is the evidence:


Marcus Stroman, Baseball IQ


Marcus Stroman is fairly easy to root for and he has done plenty this year to celebrate. This play, however, might be one of the best:


Toronto Blue Jays Fan, High EQ


This was an awesome moment and it deserves its own section and recognition:



There they are, the Best MLB Moments from Saturday. I hope they have left you feeling like this:




Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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