The 7 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

You smile, I smile, we all smile for baseball!

Welcome back to Tuesday’s greatest hits. I have a little tradition here of beginning these posts by shamelessly piggybacking off Matt Goodwin, who writes the Monday series (and does a darn fine job of it, too). Last week I was unable to do so because of the fact that I had written the Monday post myself to help out Matt, who I can only assume was busy surfing the pristine waves of Playa Grande. Without his great ideas to filch from, I was really hung out to dry. But thankfully, this week, we’re back to normal order of things. So in the spirit of tradition…

Here’s one more fun thing from Joey Votto’s 2,000th hit: turns out he loves his dog! How great is that?

Rest in peace, Maris. Thank you for inspiring this gem of a man—and all of us. Now, I suppose I’ll get to Tuesday’s news, starting with this afternoon’s jersey reveal. What do we think of these special threads for the upcoming Little League Classic?

Pretty sharp, I can’t lie. Seeing that game is always a blast for the kids who work their butts off to reach Williamsport, but it’s also nice to hear from the kids who inspire us in other ways, like Eloy Jimenez’s new friend Brady. Take a few minutes to watch this video, and tell me it doesn’t warm your heart a bit:

Okay, I lied. I’m not done talking about Monday. Remember when Brett Phillips hit that inside-the-park home run? If you read Matt’s post from yesterday, you surely do. Well, it turns out he was so grateful to his third base coach Rodney Linares for sending him around to score that he bought him a brand new pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. Then, he tweeted this out:

Anybody know where I can get friends like this? Dude is about to be the most stylin’ 3B coach east of Ron Washington. And yes, I mean that as a compliment. Now please enjoy this gif of Joey Gallo farting on the podium last night.


Okay, that should do it. Let’s get to the good stuff—don’t worry, I promise it’s all from yesterday. I’m not that lazy.


Rocky Mountain High (And Gone)

Through six innings in Colorado last night, German Márquez had the Padre bats mystified. Then he walked out for the seventh, carrying a 4-0 lead under his belt. Then Fernando happened.

Yes, that is local right fielder Fernando Tatis Jr. socking yet another unsuspecting ball into orbit. But still, the Rockies held the lead. Then Jake Cronenworth launched one to right… and this happened:

Okay, can’t feel great after watching something like that go down. But still, Márquez was strapped to a two-run lead. What are a couple of solo shots worth with that kind of cushion? No reason to fret yet. Enter Tommy Pham, providing precisely such reasons with the longest home run of the year by anyone.

Oops. Suddenly the Dads were within one, and that was it for our friend German. But he still got the win, thanks to this preposterous grab by Trevor Story three batters later:

Defense: it cancels out?


Smiling Through it All

Losing all your friends to workplace decision-making is never easy. But even after Washington’s trade deadline fire sale, Juan Soto seems to be keeping a positive attitude. We love to see it.

He had a grand time in Tuesday’s game as well, scoring two runs in a win over the Blue Jays and knocking this ball harder than any other we’ve ever seen him hit. Yowza!

Yes, Juan Soto is still really stinkin’ good. But at the end of the day, it’s about more than on-field results. I’ve always imagined it can’t be too hard keeping a smile on your face when you get to play baseball every day, and Soto is living proof. I think this photo about says it all:

I think this is where I’m supposed to say “the future is in good hands” or something?


Na Na Nana Na Na, Dani Rojas!

I love Ted Lasso. I love it so much, I wrote a whole piece about it last week. You should read it. But more importantly, if you love Ted Lasso, check out actor Cristo Fernández—none other than Dani Rojas himself—throwing out the first pitch for the Dodgers last night:

What could make this any better? Just the fact that, apparently, he actually said “baseball is life!” to the crowd after throwing the pitch. Now that’s a man who knows his brand.

Just like back in Guadalajara!


Glove at First Sight

Entering Tuesday’s matchup, both Shohei Ohtani and Miguel Cabrera were on home run milestone watch: Shohei for his 40th of the year and Miggy for the 500th of his career. Both are absurdly impressive numbers, for very different reasons. But while neither went deep in this one, they did give us this delightful moment at first base.

Ohtani’s next chance to hit 40 will come tomorrow, facing Tarik Skubal. Cabrera’s next chance will also come tomorrow, facing Shohei Ohtani. Surely, it won’t happen like that. Unless…?


J.P. Fun, DJ None

While we’re on the subject of guys having fun playing the game, let’s take a moment to appreciate J.P. Crawford for consistently being among the best at doing just that. I don’t know what this little finger wag means, but I do know I will be using this gif often in the future.

He had plenty to celebrate on Tuesday, with a 3-1 M’s win and this gorgeous play at short:

At least he’s having more fun than DJ Peters, who came this close to a home run robbery in the same game, only for it to slip away.

Okay, I guess baseball isn’t always fun. Sorry, Rangers fans.


The Many Tasks of a Pitcher

This summer, we got to see baseball played in the Olympics for the first time in 13 years. But what if it were split up into different competitions, like track and field? I have a few ideas based on what I saw last night.

First, the vertical break-athon, featuring Devin Williams:

Next would be the agility contest, featuring Marcus Stroman:

And finally, endurance, featuring Eli Morgan:

I don’t know about you guys, but I would watch the s*** outta that.


Tim Keeps on Swingin’

Lastly, if the theme of this post is guys having fun, I can’t leave out Tim Anderson. The star of last week’s Field of Dreams game gave us even more hilarious content in this mic’d up video from Iowa, which the White Sox tweeted out yesterday:

One of the best personalities in baseball, hands down. But what I love about him most is that he does things like this, and it isn’t remotely surprising:

Hey, when you’ve got a hot bat, use it. See ya next week, folks.

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