The 7 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

You are now entering a football-free zone. Yes, that means you, Tebow.

It’s that time of year: football is officially back, and the nation’s cheeseheads have turned their heads away from the sport of baseball. That’s okay. I heard the Raiders-Ravens game Monday night was terrific. I was watching Sandy Alcantara dismantle the Washington Nationals, and let me tell you, it was just as exciting. You really missed out. Good thing for these posts, right? Right?

Okay, maybe I’m just bitter that my fantasy team is 0-1. I feel disappointed, and frankly, cheated. I was so confident that my all-Jones lineup (Aaron, Julio, Marvin, and Mac) was unbeatable. Clearly, I just need to add Daniel and trade for Ronald. Then I’ll be set.

Anyhow, Tuesday was the first football-less day in nearly a week. The baseballers did not miss the opportunity to steal the spotlight back. There were plenty of fun moments last night, but first, a few fun tidbits—starting with the ’86 Mets documentary airing on ESPN, which gave us this glorious shot of Keith Hernandez and his cat, among other things:

And for the dog lovers out there, here’s a treat to balance things out:

Here’s a bananas bat flip from the Mariners farm system:

Ryan Braun announced his retirement:

And a fun moment between a pair of Dominican legends was captured on camera:

Now, to the good stuff. None of that football nonsense here.


Met Expectations

Are the Mets great TV, or what? Following Sunday’s awesome win over the Yankees and the aforementioned documentary, many folks had Mets on the mind heading into tonight’s game against the Cardinals (remember, no one was watching baseball on Monday, so that game one loss doesn’t count). This one gave us all the drama we’ve come to know in love from the Amazin’s, beginning with an outrageous RBI bunt from Javy Báez in the first frame:

The tension stayed high through the fifth, which saw the Mets take the lead again, but only get one…

The Cards would strike back, tying the game and later jumping out front on a go-ahead bomb from Tyler “Arm Day” O’Neill in the eighth:

However, Báez wasn’t about to leave it at that. He responded with this clutch bomb to tie it in the ninth, earning himself a standing O from the same fans that were booing him just a week ago:

Fun fact: this was the first time Báez drew three walks in one game in three and a half years. The Mets lost, of course, 7-6 in 11 innings. But if any of their fans went to bed around 11:30, they probably had a great night, and that’s gotta be worth something.


All Smiles

Another fun Tuesday matchup featured Shohei Ohtani and the Angels against the wrecking ball White Sox in Lucas Giolito’s return from the IL. Giolito got the best of that particular matchup, as Ohtani went 0-4 with three Ks. But at least he got a chance to practice his best dance pose!

The most dramatic moment from this one came in the third when Eloy Jiménez did this:

If nothing else, it gave us this wonderful shot:

And that’s why we love him.


Peralta Paradise

Freddy Peralta returned to form in a big way for Milwaukee last night, punching out nine batters in six innings against the Tigers.

But what made this matchup fun was his opponent. Detroit started Wily Peralta, who matched Freddy frame for frame. It gave us this lovely stat:

The game was delayed nearly two hours by rain, ending both Peraltas’ nights sadly early. Then the bullpens entered and started doing things like this:

Needless to say, runs did not come easy. It stayed zero-zero until the 11th when the Tigers won on a leadoff double by Derek Hill of all dudes:

He’s happy, and that makes me happy.



Vertical Movement

Meanwhile, in Kansas City… yeah, I got nothing for this one.

All I know is somebody’s been watching too many Rob Gronkowski highlights. Damn football.


Ji-Man Joy

I love Ji-Man Choi. You love Ji-Man Choi. Ji-Man Choi loved this pitch:

…but not half as much as he loves his bat.

We do appreciate wholesome content around here.


Ya Miffed It

Jazz Chisholm is a great guy. He plays the game with heart, he has a delightful personality, and most of all, he looks out for the fans. Last night, he went so far as to give the fans in Washington a souvenir in the middle of game action!

Unfortunately, then this happened.

I have a feeling she’ll be hearing about that for a while.


Buster Up ‘n Out

Finally, Tuesday’s Padres-Giants game went just about as we’ve come to expect this year: interesting early, then San Francisco starts pelting away with chip shots from their stable of 34-year-old superstars until suddenly, it’s a blowout. There’s a reason they were the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

But still, have you ever seen anything quite like this swing?

Buster’s inside-out bomb—his 18th of the year—prompted a little research from Sarah Langs:

This, in turn, led her down a rabbit hole that I greatly enjoyed:


I think that’s what they call full-circle. Happy trails, folks.

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