The 8 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Labor Day, a bobblehead, Fenway craziness, and more!

Yesterday was Labor Day. While the official start of autumn is not until September 22, yesterday’s holiday is often referred to as being the unofficial end of summer. I suppose that that means we are officially in an unofficial seasonal purgatory, full of pumpkin spice, as the baseball season draws to a close and the football season is preparing to swing into full gear.

I hope you were able to celebrate this momentous occasion with a day off of work, partly because I like to think we’re friends and I want good things for you, but mostly because it is quite possibly the most befitting way of celebrating a holiday celebrating the American worker. Unfortunately for them, MLB players did not have the day off. Fortunately for us, we got to see some baseball. So kick back, grab a gourd-flavored latte, and follow me down the road of the best MLB Moments from yesterday.

Before we get to the main events, let’s get warmed up:

Not only do I want one of these, but I am also beyond interested to know what it says:



Hyun Jin Ryu might have “99” problems, but runs ain’t one (for those of you who are confused this is a dated reference shoe-horned into this piece to allow me to honor a great performance):



The Philadelphia Phillies leading the way with some trendsetting:



Here is Nick Castellanos being Nick Castellanos:



There is this “nose trick” that I cannot figure out but still feel compelled to share with you:



News of José Iglesias coming home (Note: He made his major league debut coming in as a defensive substitute in the ninth inning for Jed Lowrie at Fenway Park in a game won by Daisuke Matsuzaka):



We learned about this yesterday even though it happened last week. Either way it’s worth sharing again even if you already know because it’s awesome. Thank you Fernando Tatís Jr.:



And there was this feel-good dugout moment in the Twins’ dugout after a Byron Buxton bomb (preceded by a pretty dope graphic):



The Guerreros’ New Exclusive Club


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit his 40th home run yesterday:



This is quite an accomplishment on its own but was significant for something even more exclusive. With his at least 40-home-run season, Vlad Jr. and his dad Vlad Sr. became part of a four-person baseball fraternity. Or maybe it should be a paternity? I’m going with pa-fra-ternity because it just rolls right off the tongue. Anyway, this happened:



That’s pretty special. Also, if that was not enough, there’s this as well:



He’s good at baseball.


A Couple of Rookies


Rookies are supposed to still be learning. Yesterday, it was their turn to take us to school. The first comes to us from Houston:



The Astros social media team was on it:



Not to be outdone, Wander Franco outdid that. More on this game in a moment, but for right now let’s focus on what are sure to be among the first of many, many highlights in a very long and productive career:



More on That Game


Yesterday, at Fenway Park, some stuff went down. These are things that I have no choice but to acknowledge, despite the fact that they hurt me deeply. My only solace was that it made friend-of-the-fantasy-baseball-industry Yancy Eaton very happy. I would share the evidence here, but he apparently hacked Twitter and made it so I cannot.

Anyway, let’s work backward on this one, Memento-style:



In extra innings, there was an intentional balk which is apparently how all the cool kids are doing it these days with runners starting on second base:



Before extras, the game was prolonged on an inside-the-park 3-run game-tying home-run in the ninth by Austin Meadows. When asked about the game he said, “Biggest win of the year,” which is my favorite new humble brag of all time:



Earlier in the game, there was this gem:



Like the main character in Memento, I wish I could forget this.




Beat the Mets


The Washington Nationals have a guy who is very good. You may have heard of him. His name is Juan Soto. Here is some information about Mr. Soto:



Yesterday, Juan and his teammates walked it off against the Mets:



The Mets’ account concurred:



Then the Nationals’ account murdered them:





Marcus Semien, Have a Day


I don’t know if anybody put a prop bet on Marcus Semien to do pretty much anything at the start of the season, but I hope you did. The dude has raked. Yesterday was no exception. He had two bombs, the second a grand slam, and he now has 37 on the year:



More like Marcus Slammien’ amirite? I’ll just move along.



Max Scherzer, Have a Day


It’s no secret that Max Scherzer throws baseballs effectively. Yesterday he was particularly good:





Albert Pujols‘ Last Trip to St. Louis



Player Pun Run




There you have them. The Best MLB Moments from yesterday. We know it wasn’t the Mets’ best day, but I can leave you with this, more positive note:





Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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