The 8 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Blue Jays. Blue Jays. Yankees. Blue Jays. Other stuff.

I don’t want to mislead anybody here, so I will take this opportunity to let you know that this article is going to be very Blue Jays centric. This is not because I am a fan. Joe Carter blasting a World Series-winning shot off of Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams in 1993 hurt me bad. At that point, the Blue Jays were the Yankees of the AL East right before the Yankees became the Yankees of the AL East. I wanted them to lose because they weren’t the Red Sox. So when I say that I will be spending a lot of “ink” on Toronto tonight, it’s because they are amazing.

How amazing? I am so very glad that you asked. This amazing:



Granted, this also says a lot about some of those football teams, but that Blue Jay offense is prolific. Before we get into all of the hullabaloo from yesterday, here are some other items of note:

A dope graphic about Max Scherzer’s awesomeness:



Some positive news for a legend:



Baserunning drills for a new generation:



This promise of excitement to come:



And a Met fan who, with her unicorn superpowers, may finally help them break the curse of mediocrity:



Off the Mark


This is something that I can half chuckle at because it isn’t my face and I know the umpire was okay. The other half of me feels really bad for the guy and his inevitable root canal:



I do not think I would have had the fortitude to get up and remain in the game. I think I would have been in the umpires’ room icing my face and fighting back tears.


An Ageless Wonder


Okay, not ageLESS, more like aged-MORE, but still a wonder. Adam Wainwright was dealing:



Speaking of Dealing


Alek Manoah has a very special set of skills even Liam Neeson would envy. Specifically, they have to do with throwing baseballs and he is a master:



Passing the Torch


Vladimir Guererro was an unbelievable ballplayer, but his most enduring contribution to the game of baseball may very well wind up being giving life to his son. Yesterday, Vlad Jr. did something special:



I was afraid of another year of growing pains from this man. I was dead wrong. He found it, and he is going to be fun to watch for many, many years to come.


More Blue Jays



Another Football Reference



Player Name Puns



A Battle in the Bronx


There was a little back and forth in New York, but the Yankees eventually did this:



But after this defensive gem:



And this blast:




And with that, another Monday is in the books. Let’s go live to the Miami Marlins‘ dugout from yesterday to see how they feel about it:



Well then. I think we’d better go before this turns TV-MA.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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