The 8 Best MLB Moments From Monday

So much awesome stuffed into one article: see below.

Major League Baseball likes to make money. To be fair, who doesn’t, right? Though these are an obvious cash grab, the new Nike City Connect jerseys are pretty sweet. Today, we got to see the Miami version:



Here’s a little more context from the Marlins themselves:



There was a great idea:



And, though it wasn’t in MLB, a terrible call:



There was this good news:



And this very much not-so-good news:



And before we get into the days official happenings, this pretty cool moment from Kolten Wong (with the foul words conveniently clipped out by MLB):



Time to get to the main event!


Windy City Reunions


This is an article. Articles are supposed to have words. But to be honest, I’m not sure I can do any better than this:



What a moment for Kyle Schwarber returning to Chicago for the first time. Kudos to the Cubs for being so cool about it too. Here’s some more:



And here’s what he did:



It wasn’t just Schwarb’s time though, this guy was also returning to Wrigley:



More class from the Cubs too:



Pujols Returns to Los Angeles


Quick story. One of the first years I ever played fantasy, I played in an autodrafted roto league and had no real idea what that meant. My only experience to that point had been Small World Baseball (dust off your memory banks for that one) and I didn’t quite get how roto worked. Anyway, I had been fortunate enough to get the 1.1 and was excited to root for my new fake baseball team led by Albert who I’d been gifted with the first overall pick by the ESPN bots.

One night my sister was visiting and I shouted out something like, “Come on, Pujols!” and she stopped dead and asked, “What did you say?” I told her I said “Pujols” thinking nothing of it. She looked me dead in the eye and said, “His name is Poo Holes?” and then she laughed for a very long time. That thought had never even occurred to me but to this day I can’t not think about that moment whenever I hear his name.

Anyway, he plays for the Dodgers now:



Madrigal Mystery Tour


This is a tour of the bases as Nick Madrigal had himself a night. First, he did this:



And then he did this:



Cole Being Cole (and Also Not)


Gerrit Cole is very good at baseball. It is a crying shame that it is for the New York Yankees, but that doesn’t take away his talent, only his facial hair. Even while he wasn’t his best self tonight, he was still able to do this:



Congrats on the record, Gerrit. Sorry for the loss (#notsorry).


Some Dudes Having Fun


It’s hard to pull-off a montage in a written piece, but here’s my best effort at it (imagine big 80s hair band music playing in the background and some of this happening in slow-motion):



Joey Gall-Oh-No!



Astudillo, Professional Pitcher


Willians Astudillo took the mound again and the people just love it:



He tried to blow this 47 mph heater past Yermin Mercedes (it did not go well for him):




Shohei Ohtani, Professional Hitter


Shohei Ohtani is your Major League Baseball home run leader after this shot:



Shohei Ohtani, Professional Pitcher


Also, this:



Okay, it’s the same home run, but look at that ERA! He could be the first player to win a Cy Young and an MVP not just for pitching. What a player.

And speaking of players, lest we forget our own Alex Fast, here is a final thought for all of you:



Catch you next time!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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