The 8 Nastiest Pitches From Sunday

Sunday's ALDS slate gave us these six filthy pitches

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Nathan Eovaldi’s Slider




Nathan Eovaldi took the mound for the Red Sox in game three and he was electric. Eovaldi tossed eight strikeouts over his five innings pitched and only allowed two runs to score. Here Eovaldi sweeps a filthy slider past Randy Arozarena who swings out of the zone for strike three.


Garrett Whitlock’s Sinker




Garrett Whitlock entered the game in a precarious situation with runners on and two outs but was able to get out of the jam using his high heat. Whitlock entered the game and immediately fired off this sinker, a 99 mph pitch that freezes Mike Zunino for a backwards K.


Josh Fleming’s Changeup




Switching over to the other side of the game, the Rays sent nine total pitchers to the mound. And, it was Josh Fleming who had the team’s nastiest pitch of the night. Here it is: a filthy changeup that drops out on Xander Bogaerts who swings and misses for strike three.


Nick Pivetta’s Knuckle-Curve




Nick Pivetta pitched masterfully for the Red Sox for all four of last night’s extra innings. Pivetta was locked in as he didn’t allow a single run and struck out seven. Here he used his filthy knuckle-curve to get Brandon Lowe swinging at strike three.


Aaron Bummer’s Cutter




We usually feature Aaron Bummer’s slider, but today we’re looking at his wicked cutter. The pitch doesn’t get as much movement as the slider but it’s still just as lethal. Just look what it does to Michael Brantley. He’s got no shot at it and he still swings as it runs out of the zone.



Dylan Cease’s Fastball




Moving onto the Houston-Chicago matchup, let’s start with Dylan Cease and this 100 mph heater. This game was all about offense, but here Cease showed Alex Bregman why it’s so tough to string together runs in MLB. It’s just a perfectly placed pitch with intense velocity. No one could’ve made contact with this.


Luis Garcia’s Curveball




On the other end of the matchup, Luis Garcia also struggled on the mound, giving up five runs before getting pulled in the 3rd. Here though, Garcia showed off his curve, as he drops the hammer down to induce a swinging strikeout.


Michael Kopech’s Fastball




We saved the best for last this morning. If you enjoyed the 99 and 100 mph pitches from above, you’ll be in awe of this 101 mph, courtesy of Michael KopechKopech fires it in and paints the bottom edge of the zone, as all Martin Maldonado can do is look disgusted with the (correct) call.


What was the Nastiest Pitch from ALDS Game 3’s?


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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