The Best MLB Moments of the Week

Walk off steals, inside the park HR, Ohtani's greatness, and more!

We are inching closer and closer to the start of the regular season; a season that just a few weeks ago we were not certain would come in full, if at all. Yet here we are, days away from the first pitches of 2022. It’s obviously not just the players who are getting ramped up:

There are also some familiar faces in new roles:

And a familiar face playing the role of the fan rather than an athlete:

There was a reminder that not all things are as they appear to be:

And that appearances can be deceiving:

And this reminder that, in its purest form, baseball is joy:


We learned that we will be able to hear what umpires sound like this year:

And that players are fans too:

Baseball is the best, let’s do a happy dance!


Obligatory Ohtani


I just cannot help myself. To be fair to me, most people cannot. He is a unifying figure for the game, one that should be capitalized upon more for the benefit of us all, and I’m on the bandwagon. Imagine trying to hit this:

It turns out he is also fallible, like us all. Just not like us at all:

And lest we forget, he can hit a little bit too:


One Shining Moment


For the most part, a section does not get a single moment all to itself. Or rather, a single moment does not get a heading unto itself. Every now and then, however, that moment is so unique, awesome, and special that it deserves all the love. This particular example comes to us not from Spring Training, but from college baseball.

Had the lockout persisted, the college game may have gotten more of its due as people starved for baseball would have tuned in to see it in larger numbers. With MLB back, and thank goodness for that, collegiate athletes may once again be relegated to passing moments and highlight reels.

And here is a doozy for those highlight reels:

Stealing home is quite a thing all on its own. Stealing home as a game-winner is another thing entirely. Stealing home with superpowers is legendary:


News and Notes


As April 7th draws nearer, we will find out about all of the opening day starters. Some have been announced in grand fashion:

This is a big deal because we can all have a collective sigh of relief that Shane Bieber appears to be fully healthy. It is also, as our friend Trevor Hooth points out, a historic moment too:

Though we also learned that while Bieber might be the opening day starter, the first person to throw a pitch for the Guardians will actually be this guy:

And while there is excitement in some corners for being named the team’s primary starter, there’s also this:

ICYMI, the Washington Nationals have their new City Connect uniforms and they are pretty amazing:

Jesse Winker apparently does not have a future in broadcasting for the Seattle Mariners:


And Max Scherzer catches us up on some very important lockout news:

And Japan is living in 2050 while the rest of us are stuck in 2022:


A Couple of Impressive Feet(s)


It takes some real wheels to accomplish certain things in baseball. Here are two of those things:

And here’s what happens when you’re fast, but not fast enough:


Some Quirky Things


Throughout the year, we try and use these “Best Moments” pieces to focus on the quirky, weird, and funny so I would be remiss to not have a section dedicated to these three:


There you have it! The Best Moments of the Week. Stay tuned for daily Best Moments content in-season!


Photo by Winston Chen/Unsplash | Adapted by Ethan Kaplan (@DJFreddie10 on Twitter and @EthanMKaplanImages on Instagram)


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