The Best Moments of Baseball’s Return

Baseball, balloons, Vladdy bombs, Tyler Glasnow upside down and more!

We may have had 99 problems, but, friends, a baseball lockout ain’t one anymore!

And while we are talking about things to be grateful for, I almost went with a 99 luft balloons reference.



Oops, there it is anyway. At least it’s tempered with a Scrubs gif. Everything is better with a Scrubs gif.

So the dark cloud has lifted and after 99 days of baseball lockout, there is an agreement on a new CBA, Spring Training has started and the season begins on April 7, 2022. The beauty of baseball has returned to us:

Along with the nostalgia and the romance:

The bond we share, even between rivals:

And this, where baseball and true love collide:

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” – Yogi Berra


There Was Excitement


As you get older, the magic of certain things fades. Whether it’s Christmas morning, the first snow of winter, or a bowl of ice cream for dinner, the things that made us go wide-eyed as children don’t always carry the same oomph as adults.

Okay, ice cream is still awesome.

And so is baseball; it is one of those rare things that make me just as happy and giddy for the start of a new season as I was when I was 10. And 11. And 12. There are more numbers between 12 and my current age than I’d like to admit so I’ll assume I’ve made my point. You know what I mean. You feel it too. It resonated throughout Twitter like a wrecking ball:




The Players are Pumped


You love to see it. Sure, it’s their job, but not everybody is as psyched to get out of bed to go to work. I truly appreciate when the players look and feel as though they are just excited about the game I love as I am; when they act like fans of their own teams. And is there anybody who plays with more of that joy than Juan Soto?

It’s also super dope when the players show their personalities, almost like wearing them on their sleeves. Or, perhaps, their T-shirts:

It may be expressed with a little swagger:

A wry smile:

Pure energetic enthusiasm:

Or whatever you want to call this:

It might even look more like a psychopathic killer on the loose:

Or it could look like friendship:

Or whatever is going on here:

The bottom line is that the players will be back on the field playing regular-season baseball in less than a month!


Some Spring Training Action Already


Here’s a collection of Tweets showing baseball players playing baseball. This first one is NSFW, so leave the audio off around small children and Nick so that I don’t get fired:

Here is some inspiring breaking news:

And this is some actual baseball:


As awful as it felt to wait out the hiatus, and to read about and see how terribly the negotiations were going at one point, it feels excellent to have it back. The owners still stink. The players still deserve better. The minor-leaguers are all still getting shafted, but for one, glorious moment, we all get to revel in this fact:

Happy baseball season everybody! May it go well for you and your team, but not as well as it goes for me and mine!


Photo by Emmanouil Solidakis | Adapted by Ethan Kaplan (@DJFreddie10 on Twitter and @EthanMKaplanImages on Instagram)

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