The Hold Up 4/12: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday

Rick Graham's weekly update of the relievers to own for Holds in 2018.

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Today we will take look at the updated non-closer reliever market as there are some changes to the list since our previous installment. Keep in mind, just because a player is ranked below another player (especially when in the same tier), that doesn’t mean you should rush to drop the higher ranked player. These rankings are mostly to be used on a tier by tier scale and apply towards the pitcher’s value for the rest of the season.

  • I think this new top-tier trio (Andrew Miller, Josh Hader, Archie Bradley) have established themselves above the rest of the pack to start the season. I know its early, but their combination of usage, low ratios,  and strikeout upside make them elite RP options in hold formats.
  • I’m loving Brad Peacock’s usage so far this season as it looks as if he is locked into a setup role and is quite possibly next in line for saves also. He’s been throwing his slider 56% of the time, which is a major plus considering the number of swings and misses he gets with it. Not out of the question he gets bumped up to tier 1 in the next week or so.
  • Also throwing their slider more and reaping the rewards so far to begin the season is Adam Ottavino. He’s also seen a ton of swings and misses with it and now is up to 16 K’s over 8 innings while only allowing 3 baserunners on the year. I think he is back to being the pitcher we expected him to be a year ago.
  • I’ve been impressed with Yoshi Hirano to begin the year, despite the lack of strikeouts. He’s been mixing up his fastball and splitter at about an even 50/50 split, which is keeping hitters off balance and limiting hard contact. I think based on the effectiveness of his splitter, he could wind up being close to a strikeout an inning guy this season.
  • Tommy Kahnle’s velocity is way down to begin the year (3 MPH on the FB and SL, CU is the same), and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a DL stint for him soon. I still believe in the talent, but until we see his stuff improve, he’s really hard to trust right now.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

11 responses to “The Hold Up 4/12: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday”

  1. Mark says:

    Curious what you see in Michael Feliz? He walks so many guys and hasn’t turned his talent into success at the big league level yet. Is it more based on his role and strikeouts? Prospect pedigree?

    • Rick Graham says:

      A little bit of those three things you mentioned. He started the year in a set up role and has shown ability to strike people out at a high rate. He’s close to being a high impact reliever at this level. He was solid in 2016 when his walk rate was 3%. If he can get back to that, he’ll be an asset.

  2. vegasdave4 says:

    What about the kid for Seattle he has been unhittable

  3. Clayton says:

    What are your thoughts on Tyler Glasnow the reliever? He’s not being used with high frequency but there is some hope the stuff might translate in the bullpen, if he can reign in the command issues. Nights like last night are bound to happen but what is your outlook on him ROS?

    • Rick Graham says:

      I actually had Glasnow at 80 until last night happened. The walks are still a major issue. Theres a chance he gets on the list and can climb up it, but he needs to lower that walk rate substantially.

  4. John says:

    As a Devenski and Roberts owner, is there anything to be worries about or did they just drop because other guys were that good.

  5. Billy T says:

    Can you please take another look at bud Norris? I think he is better than your ranking gives him credit. It appears that the Matheny has put him ahead of Leone in the bullpen pecking order….and with good reason from what I can tell.

  6. Scott says:

    In a saves + holds league would you rather roster devenski or Strickland. I don’t think melancon is coming back any time soon. I know devenski offers more k but I am looking at saves and holds. Peacock is getting more work and saves tend to accrue faster than holds. Thanks

  7. FT says:

    Thoughts on Betances and his extremely poor start? He’s been lit up so far this year, but hasn’t been wild, just getting knocked around. No holds yet, either! I’m concerned and need some expert advice.

  8. Sir says:

    Are you still as high on Peacock after this weekend?

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