The Hold Up 6/21: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday

Rick Graham's weekly update of the relievers to own for Holds in 2018.

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Today we will take look at the updated non-closer reliever market as there are some changes to the list since our previous installment. Keep in mind, just because a player is ranked below another player (especially when in the same tier), that doesn’t mean you need to rush to drop them for a higher ranked player. These rankings are mostly to be used on a tier by tier scale and apply towards the pitcher’s value for the rest of the season.

  • Biggest risers within the top 40 this week include Dellin Betances, Edubray Ramos and Will Smith. Betances has flipped roles with David Robertson and has looked downright filthy his past 8 outings (8 IP, 1 hit, 1 walk, 17 K’s, 6 holds) as he’s mixing in both his breaking pitches more often. Ramos seems locked into the 8th inning role right now for Gabe Kapler, although that’s subject to change at any moment. In the meantime, enjoy the holds, sub 1 ERA and K/9 rate of 10+.  Smith should see an increase in hold chances with Hunter Strickland landing on the DL and has posted ridiculous Hader-esque numbers over the past month.
  • The biggest fallers were Robertson and Ryan Madson. Both have lost their spot as their respective team’s 8th inning set up option and while working the 7th can obviously still lead to hold chances, they become a lot more volatile.
  • Adam Ottavino has picked up where he left off in his return from the DL and was the only reliever to notch 4 HD’s this past week. Over 4.1 innings, he allowed just 2 hits and a walk to go with 7 strikeouts.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

6 responses to “The Hold Up 6/21: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday”

  1. John says:

    Think I should drop Andrew Miller for one of the tier 2 guys or is that a lateral move that I’ll regret ROS?

    • CGR says:

      Tribe fan here. I’d probably only straight drop him for someone in the Top 11 here. As far as moving him goes, I’d absolutely look to trade him. I moved him for Alex Wood in my league.

      Relievers are tricky and it’s easy to get caught up in names. If you ignore his name and look at the stats, he simply has not performed, is walking a ton of batters and isn’t worth owning this year, especially with so many relative unknowns like Yates, Jimenez and Winkler giving you the production you’d have expected from him and maybe more.

      I’d recommend you sort all RP by season total in your player tab and see who is available near the top, and also scan around at teams who tend to focus on their pen and see if you can snag a midrange SP.

    • Rick Graham says:

      CGR’s answer was pretty spot on. I think you’d still rather have him than the tier two guys.

  2. Todd Polley says:

    You said Robertson and Madson were the biggest fallers, but what about Seranthony Dominguez? He was #7 on the list last week but isn’t on this weeks list at all.

    (By the way, thanks for doing this each week. I love it.)

  3. Sean M says:

    Trivino should be waay higher, the dude has been nothing but money and has the 8th locked down. Melvin loves him

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