The Hold Up 7/5: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday

Rick Graham's weekly update of the relievers to own for Holds in 2018.

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Today we will take look at the updated non-closer reliever market as there are some changes to the list since our previous installment. Keep in mind, just because a player is ranked below another player (especially when in the same tier), that doesn’t mean you need to rush to drop them for a higher ranked player. These rankings are mostly to be used on a tier by tier scale and apply towards the pitcher’s value for the rest of the season.

  • Neil Ramirez, Adam Conley, and Diego Castillo were among the biggest risers inside the top 40 this week. Ramirez has been nails as the Indians top set up man filling in for Andrew Miller the past month. He’s added 2 MPH to his fastball and slider combo this year and in return has a career-high 16.4 SwStr%. Conley too has seen a huge velocity boost this season moving into a bullpen role and has been mentioned as a possible trade chip this summer. Castillo continues to climb up the Rays reliever ladder and could be next in line for saves if something were to happen to Sergio Romo.
  • No drastic fallers inside the top 50 this week, although the struggles for setup men Joe Kelly, Robert Gsellman and Addison Reed continue. Reed is probably due for a DL stint as a few days rest have not seemed to “reset” him as the club had hoped. Kelly’s control comes and goes lately, something that has plagued him for much of his career. Gsellman might still be the Mets second best reliever, but that comes with a 4.41 ERA and 1.33 WHIP. If Seth Lugo actually stays in the bullpen for good, look for him to get some late-inning setup work.
  • Jose Alvardo, Ryan Buchter and Joe Kelly all had 3 HD’s this past week. Buchter is back on the list after returning last week from a shoulder strain which caused him to miss two months.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

3 responses to “The Hold Up 7/5: Ranking the Top 80 Relievers for Holds Every Thursday”

  1. Kurt says:

    I will have to make a roster change before the next update I will six with Carl Edwards coming back tomorrow and we can only start five at RP. Where would he and Joe Jimenez, I know he closing for now, fit into the rankings?

    • Rick Graham says:

      I’d rather have Jimenez at this point. Edwards rehab reports have not been positive to this point and I wonder where exactly he will fit in with Strop and Cishek pitching well.

  2. Southern Marylander says:

    Is Ottavino’s season popping? He has not been good lately in the stats, though since I don’t watch Rockies games, I don’t know what his pitches look like.

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