The List 4/10: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday

Every Monday during the season, I will be releasing “The List” where I rank the current value of the Top 100 pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of the...

Every Monday during the season, I will be releasing “The List” where I rank the current value of the Top 100 pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of the season. Use these rankings to help understand what to expect from pitchers for 2017 and as a tool to gauge trade value in your fantasy leagues. Note: These rankings have been made with H2H 5×5 12-teamers in mind.

Let’s see how the SP landscape has changed:

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  • I initially ranked Aaron Nola right near #20 in the pre-season, but I was worried we wouldn’t see the velocity back when the season started and lowered him last week. Saturday’s outing was everything I hoped for and I’ve brought Nola back to where he was initially.
  • Kyle Hendricks and Danny Duffy take hits as the concerns I had in the preseason are showing up. Hendricks doesn’t have the same pristine command while Duffy is showing diminished velocity.
  • I’m loving how Zack Greinke looks and have given him a proper jump.
  • Right around #60 or so with Brandon Finnegan, Tyler Glasnow and Kendall Graveman is the point where I’d rather be chasing upside than staying steady with questionable arms. Take chances here and in 12-teamers use streamers while you can often fall back on some later options off the wire if needed.
  • Zack Wheeler has plenty of upside, but it’s clear he needs more time to polish his pitches before you’ll find him regularly providing for your squad.
  • Newcomer Amir Garrett isn’t my favorite arm, but it’s possible he’ll be productive against the right opponents with his slide piece.
  • Blake Snell almost took a bigger dip, though I think he’s closer than people think on displaying his top upside. I’m willing to wait another week before giving him a sizeable drop.
  • Falling from The List are Junior GuerraJaime Garcia, Tyler Anderson, and Reynaldo Lopez. Guerra got injured, Lopez might take a little longer to show up, and both Garcia and Anderson are not worth your time at the moment.

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

14 responses to “The List 4/10: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday”

  1. 57fhfo54 says:

    How does Taillon drop in the list? When he pitches 7 shutout inings?

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Because Aaron Sanchez showed that his blister wasn’t an issue.

      • I have pitchers 18-21 on my roster, but none higher than that. I’m wondering if it’s possible to moneyball it and be set with those guys, or if I’ll be kicking myself for not having a true top-10 guy.

        • Nick Pollack says:

          I’m actually rolling with that strategy in the Pitcher List Staff League, owning Sanchez, Taillon, Manaea, Gsellman, Norris, Richards, and Ross.

          I think you can pull it off if you pair it with a strong core of closers too. For example, I own Herrera/Giles/Treinen/Colome as well, who will help week-to-week with ratios and Ks as well.

  2. TTRA1N says:

    Why Lynn drop so much?

    • Nick Pollack says:

      I found myself realizing that his floor isn’t high enough to not favor the higher upside guys instead.

      Looks like a big drop, but that’s one big tier there.

  3. Luis iglesias says:

    Why so extremely low on Ivan Nova? He was solid in the 2nd half of last season and he had a good spring training and 1st start.

  4. Cody says:

    Thanks for the great gifs, articles, and rankings that you all provide on this site. I have a trade question.

    I send Bogaerts and Danny Duffy.
    I receive Machado and one of Fulmer, Maeda, or Manea.

    Fulmer is my pick right now. Pros – good fastball/changeup and working on slider, GB%, good offensive team, weak division, probably best floor of the three. Cons – Detroits bullpen, strikeouts compared to the other two, how many innings does he throw?

    Maeda is 2nd. Pros – good arsenal of pitches, good offensive team and bullpen, soft contact %, and K/9. Cons – IP/9, and health issues from his work in Japan.

    Manea is third. Pros – has great stuff, swing strike %, and K/9. Cons – team defense and offense, walks, and consistency.

    What is your opinion? Who would you ride out the rest of the season with?

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Definitely take Machado + Fulmer.

      That’s an incredible deal there!

      • Cody says:

        Yeah, your view on Duffy had me thinking that I needed to move him. Many people also have Bogaerts regressing this year and that wasn’t including him dropping in the lineup. In 9 team league, Machado and Fulmer were picks #15 & 132. Bogaerts and Duffy were #35 & 89.

        Thanks for all that you do.

  5. tiwaniuk says:

    Nick, great to have you back for another season!

    Is Matz worth holding on to?

    Buster Posey just went on the DL and I’d need to drop either Matz or Desmond to make room for him. Obviously not dropping Desmond, so it’s either drop Matz or punt my catcher spot until Posey returns.

    Rest of my pitchers are Sale, Verlander, Tanaka, Quintana, Fulmer, McCullers and Duffy,

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Sorry for the delay!

      Matz is the clear one to drop there :-/ It’s okay, I think you’ll be fine without him given that staff.

  6. Ross says:

    Where do you anticipate a healthy Tyson Ross will be on this list once activated? Is he worth picking up and plugging in my DL slot until he gets a few games under his belt? I realize he’s been out for sometime which might make it difficult to make an accurate assessment, but there’s no denying his K potential should he return to his old form.

    I look forward to your reply. As always, thanks for the great insight.

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Totally get that and I definitely think he’ll provide value in 12-teamers when he returns, making him a solid DL stash. Just have a short leash if you need the roster spot.

      Question to me is what kind of control we’ll see. It can be tough to regain the feel for location after a long absence, which could amplify his already poor walk numbers.

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