The List 4/17: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday

Every Monday during the season, I will be releasing “The List” where I rank the current value of the Top 100 pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of the...

Every Monday during the season, I will be releasing “The List” where I rank the current value of the Top 100 pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of the season. Use these rankings to help understand what to expect from pitchers for 2017 and as a tool to gauge trade value in your fantasy leagues. Note: These rankings have been made with H2H 5×5 12-teamers in mind.

Let’s see how the SP landscape has changed:

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  • Masahiro Tanaka, Cole HamelsRick Porcelloand Kenta Maeda were supposed to be stable floor arms, but have been nothing of the sort lately, causing drops for all of them.
  • It’s been a hot start for Dallas Keucheland while I have my reservations, it’s hard to not favor him over the options in the 30s
  • Injuries have really hit the MLB lately, with J.A. Happ, Aaron Sanchez, Rich Hill, Brandon Finnegan, Jon Gray, Jake Odorizziand Garrett Richards all taking heavy hits.
  • With a pair of weeks under our belt, a few tiers are making themselves apparent. There’s a drop off after Masahiro Tanaka that lasts all the way to near John Lackeywhich could be argued to go a little further to Tanner RoarkThen we have a pair of DL groups that bookmark tiers of questionable upside that should come short leashes.
  • While I don’t think Ervin Santana will keep up his studly numbers as he faces tougher opponents, it’s hard to not ride him at this point above other options in the 50s.
  • Drew Pomeranz looks comfortable as the #4 starter in Boston and while his walk issues will prevent him from entering Top 40 territory, he’s a dependable option for strikeouts with less risk of horrendous ratios like other strikeout producers behind him.
  • After his explosion that last two starts, I had to give Michael Pineda a sizable bump. Still, I don’t think he’ll show the consistency to continue a rise in the rankings.
  • I’m finding myself taking the chance on Zack Wheeler figuring it out sooner rather than later and I think I was a bit too harsh on him last week. His upside pulls him up higher, especially when he gets the NL Easy.
  • Francisco Liriano showed up in a big way and it’s completely reasonable he produces well for your team if you pick your spots. Hard to say that about many
  • A few names join this week, including CC Sabathia, Charlie Morton, Jordan Montgomery, Wily Peralta, and Hyun-Jin Ryu. Sabathia has continued inducing weak contact, Morton is an intriguing upside play until his inevitable injury, Montgomery could provide value in the short term, Peralta has been a solid stretch ranging from last season, and Ryu can be productive as he gets time on the hill.

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

15 responses to “The List 4/17: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday”

  1. Hanjy says:

    Would you drop Daniel Norris, Gsellman, or Ervin Santana for Sonny Gray? Also someone offered me Cole Hamels for James Paxton. Do i take that trade?

    • Mike says:

      Based on the rankings being expected rest of year performance, then no to both questions.

      • Nick Pollack says:

        Just to clarify this, these rankings are essentially if I’m having my draft today.

        There are guys that I expect to have a better ROS by ESPN’s Player Rater metric but are farther down simply because I’d rather take the risk in another arm in a 12-teamer.

        I hope that makes sense!

    • Nick Pollack says:

      I wouldn’t make either of those moves.

  2. Chucky says:

    Lineup locks in less than an hour. Can i get 2? Manea v Seat, Wacha v Pit, Davies v StL, Vargas v SF, Gsellman v Phi and Nola @ NYM? Thanks

  3. Josh says:

    Why so low in Cobb? He’s looked pretty good except for last night when he clearly didn’t have his stuff. Also can you give some thoughts on Joe Ross? Thanks

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Back-to-Back 4 ER outings (albeit one with Boston), especially one without a single strikeout, makes it tough for me to endorse right now.

      I’m with you, I think there’s potential here, but I’m not going to suggest chasing it until he clicks. And that might be some time.

      With Ross, I don’t love him but he’s a solid upside option among a sea of questionable arms. I’m all for owning him in 12 teamers and I’d be cautious starting him for his first start in a roto league.

  4. Chucky says:

    Points H2H Nicky….2 start Wheeler v Phil & Wash or Harvey v Wash, or Vargas v SF? Thanks again!

  5. Kevin says:

    I’ve been using Triggs in one of my RP spots which has come in handy since I punted saves. With his hot start would you try and move him for a SP that has had a couple bad stat line starts like his teammate Cotton who’s getting Ks or wait and see? Followed your draft strategy and landed me Verlander, Carrasco, Paxton, Taillon, Norris & Folty/Andriese as reserves so have a little flexibility to wait. Thanks.

  6. JerryOnDrums says:

    Yo Nick! Waiting for Tillman to actually make it back before he cracks the top-100? I see Ross in the 90s, figured that the Tillster would be similarly ranked.

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Ross has a much bigger impact than Tillman and when healthy I had Tillman in the 70s. I see them pretty far apart.

      But yeah, Tillman shouldn’t be stashed in the time being, meaning he’s off The List til then.

  7. Tom says:

    Love the lists as always. Last pitcher in a 5×5 is currently Cotton, but I could drop him for Norris. I know you have Cotton higher but who do you think has more upside? I fear if Norris deals versus TB someone else will snag him. Thank you!

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