The List 7/16: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday

Nick Pollack updates his Pitcher List ranking the Top 100 Starting Pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of 2018.

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Welcome to The List – The weekly top 100 rankings of starting pitchers in fantasy baseball for the rest of the season. Use this list to help make choices on the waiver wire and as a tool to gauge trade value in your fantasy leagues. These rankings are made with 5×5 H2H standard 12-team leagues in mind.

Let’s talk about how the SP landscape has changed since last week:

  • A quick reminder that starters on the DL that don’t come with Top 40 upside are left off The List.
  • Another week, another quiet time inside the Top 20, with the only real move coming from Stephen Strasburg’s expected return from the DL this week.
  • I should have been more generous to Ross Stripling last week and he a sizeable bump to #21 this week. His high heat + low deuce with sliders in between is a fantastic approach.
  • After much thought, I elected to move down Miles Mikolas a good amount. It’s not an instant reaction to Sunday’s outing, but a reaction to his lack of whiff rates. With Jameson Taillon, Mike Clevinger, Tyler Skaggs, Mike Foltynewicz, Eduardo Rodriguez, Andrew Heaneyand Kenta Maeda all becoming massive strikeout producers, it didn’t seem right to have Mikolas ahead of them when he shouldn’t be expecting elite ratios the rest of the way.
  • Dylan Bundy takes a little dive as I found myself favoring the security of those above him a bit more. It’s a long tier and Bundy is still up there with Corbin and company, but if someone is at the bottom, it should be the guy who isn’t in a groove just yet.
  • Sean Newcomb takes a dip as regression is hitting him hard. His secondary pitches are fading and while I think he’ll still be productive, he’s far from the sub 3.00 ERA guy we saw earlier in the year.
  • The biggest movement – as always – happened in the back half of The List, which is all about tracing upwards trends and jumping off hype trains before they crash and burn. Matt Harvey’s stock continues to climb like his velocity, while Zack Godley has produced back-to-back starts with just 1 walk.
  • Jon Gray returned from the minors and hinted at the pitcher we want him to be. I’m cautiously optimistic here and I need to see more before jumping fully on board, but he earned the bump on upside alone.
  • I’m surprised to find myself endorsing Anibal Sanchez, but he’s feeling his slide piece and as long as that works, he should be owned.
  • Luke Weaver is showing some promise, as well as Danny DuffyFeel free to start the latter against all but tough offensives, while be a little careful with Weaver as he could still hit some bumps.
  • Also joining The List this week are Trevor Cahill (back from injury!), Jeremy Hellickson (The Devil but it could work out), and Julio Teheran (possibly worth it for his occasional excellent performances).
  • Just missing The List are Fernando Romero (is he actually sticking the rotation and will he be productive?), James Shields (shockingly decent…?), German Marquez (not sure if I believe that he’ll help more than hurt), and Tanner Roark (is he even worth it at this point?).

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

19 responses to “The List 7/16: Ranking The Top 100 Starting Pitchers Every Monday”

  1. hscer says:

    Velasquez was on the DL for the last list but is off now. Oversight or concerns? Not that he’s more than top 75 right now.

  2. Jim says:

    Mike Minor jumps up? Bieber drops after impressive GS against NYY. Musgrove drops after pretty nice Icarus start. And Eovaldi stays same despite sinking all teams that started him last week. Ranks must be murder to do each week at the stage of the season.

    • Ryan says:

      Minor should not have jumped at all. But the other ones I agree with. A lot of the rankings this year have succumbed to favoritism IMO. While I’ve enjoyed this site for years and advice and opinions from Nick. This year it is lacking in accuracy a bit more compared to previous seasons. Don’t put too much weight into this year, and read the advanced stats on your own. Use this list as a vague starting point to get an idea of who to research that is on everyone’s radar.

      • Frankie says:

        Your reply echoes my worst fears actually. I sure hope PL is not all about favorites. I looked at my rosters the other day and realized that I have been acquiring a lot of the ‘regulars’ here — Heaney, Pivetta, Kingham, Musgrove, Bieber to name a few. These names sure come up a lot on PL, then again perhaps I am only seeing them a lot because I now own them 100%.

      • TheKraken says:

        Please be sure to post a link to the accurate rankings.

  3. Jerry says:

    Is Rich Hill a bullpen guy or starter ROS?

  4. Vinny says:

    Hey Nick,

    Great work as always, thanks for getting the list out to help us plan for the 2nd half! Enjoy the 4 day break!

  5. Tony says:

    Hey Nick,

    Was curious about your thoughts on Heaney long term. Does his upside compare with guys like Fulmer, Pivetta or E-Rod?

  6. Ben says:

    Nova gonna get on the list soon? I feel like he should be about #85

  7. Chucky says:

    What’s with Teheran at #99? 43rd ERA, 34th WHIP, 42nd in Ks. No one expects more than a SP 4/5….but 99?

    • TheKraken says:

      Agreed. People who make lists make thier name by being first and generally undervalue vets. If you believe in him then buy him and reference this list to help you get him cheaper ! Not sure why people complain as much as they do… Personally I like buy lows but that is just me.

  8. Sal says:

    Sonny Gray worth a look if he gets traded?
    Also, how is Ervin Santana as a stash

  9. maris says:

    Nick, Do you prefer Bieber or Gibson ROS? thanks

  10. Cason Jollette says:

    10 team h2h OBP limited moves – 3 quick questions:

    1) Top 3 pitchers from this group rest of season: Castillo, Kingham, Gausman, Gibson, Matz, Rodon, German, Wheeler, D Rodriguez, Lucchesi

    2) Would you trade Correa for Thor if you currently have Anderson at SS? How close is it?

    3) Would you trade Bellinger for Taillon and one of Schwarber/Odubel/Hicks?


  11. steve says:

    So if someone offered you strasburg for berrios you wouldnt take it? Sometimes nick, sometimes, I wonder about you <3

  12. The Chief says:

    RIP Dylan Covey, MY BAD NICK.

    The reflection on Ross and Gibson are very indicative of the trends I spotted a few weeks back.

    Moving Gibson up to top 35 on my board. I’ve seen him get in not all his fault jam early in an outing 3 times over the past month and immediately turn into a natural born swing and miss killer to finish the inning and then coast the rest of the way.

    I still am waiting for Kershaw to own his way to the top 10 again, I’m more worried about him than I am Bumgarner (seems like a 10-15 slot kinda guy). Snell is keeping a spot warm for them.

    I am also back in love with Andrew Heaney after a couple starts of meh (see his Z-Contact % trends), rocket ride to join the Carrasco – Greinke grouping. I think we have 2019 ace on our hands.

    Get Yefry Ramirez in around ~65 and someone call everyone that owns a dynasty rankings to move this guy up a bunch there too.

    Nick Kingham will push that 25-35 spot. Call your dynasty guy again.

    Don’t understand how Jon Gray went from around 70 on the list to AAA to mid 60s..?

    Giving up on Alex Wood, the swing and miss stuff is still there, the velocity has got to be hurting his barreled balls and I no longer trust Dave Roberts to manage any my fantasy starters. Out on everybody except Kershaw.

    Keep up the nice work, the list is impressive and largely justified.

  13. J.C. Mosier says:

    Jeff Davis has Eduardo Rodriguez missing eight weeks, which would make him DLH for the fantasy finals. This sounds as if he can safely be dropped in even the deepest redraft leagues. Thoughts?

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