The Nastiest Pitches Of Week 2 – Which Pitch Gets Your Vote?

We compile the Nastiest Pitches every day and at the end of the week, you can vote for your favorite pitch of the week.

Every week we review the nastiest pitches from the previous week in glorious HD GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back Saturday to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the First Half Contest. Week 1’s winner was Jose Alvarado’s Two-Seamer.

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Jose Berrios’ Curveball – Berrios absolutely shoved on Thursday, striking out 11 in seven shutout innings against the White Sox. Check out this first inning wipeout slider to slugger Jose Abreu, who was caught chasing wildly out of the strike zone.

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Hector Neris’ Splitter – Neris’ strikeout to end the ninth was just plain ridiculous.  Nose to toes on this splitter – a great way to head to extra innings.

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Chris Sale’s Slider – Sale’s hurricane slider is back in action, breaking hard at the back foot of poor Gary Sanchez. Sale finished with eight strikeouts in six innings in Boston’s win over the Yankees.

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Sergio Romo’s Slider – Romo was deadly to White Sox hitters.  He generated 5 whiffs on 14 sliders for a 35.7% whiff rate.  It’s no wonder when you see that silly horizontal and vertical movement here.

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Shane Greene’s Fastball – Greene is showcasing some incredible stuff so far in 2018, boasting an unreal slider on Thursday and now this lucious two-seamer to end Sunday’s game. Check out its incredible movement to nip the outside corner for the punchout.

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Chaz Roe’s Slider – If a human were ever inside a tornado, I imagine this pitch is what it would look like in there. Straight filth from Chaz Roe.

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Josh Hader’s Slider – Hader may be the latest talented bullpen arm to be passed over for a closer’s role because of his value as a multi-inning reliever after Corey Knebel’s hamstring injury, but the 24-year-old showed his stuff here with this slider that seemingly came from behind Kyle Schwarber for the fifth-inning strikeout. The Cubs outfielder couldn’t do anything but begin the acceptance phase of yet another K as he took a somber stroll back to the dugout.

GIF Of The Week

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2 responses to “The Nastiest Pitches Of Week 2 – Which Pitch Gets Your Vote?”

  1. Tim Acree says:

    I can’t remember a Nastiest Pitches where all the pitches were THIS nasty. My goodness. I voted for Greene’s fastball… unreal. Nice frame job, too.

  2. Erik says:

    That Shane Greene 2 seamer is stupid

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