The Nastiest Pitching GIFs of July 2019 Honorable Mentions

The Nastiest Pitching GIFs from July tournament field is set, but there were some good ones left over that didn't make the cut. Here are some pitches that came up just shy.

Between a record breaking Home Run Derby, a wild trade deadline, and an all out Reds-Pirates brawl, this July has been jam-packed with great action, great moments, and, of course, nasty pitches. But before we kick off the first-half tournament, there are a few pitches that didn’t quite make the cut. In any other situation, these might’ve made the final cut. Who knows what could’ve happened from there?

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Charlie Morton’s Curveball


We’ll be seeing some more of Charlie Morton’s curveball tomorrow morning (hint, hint), but for now, we’ll give you a tease of this beautiful offering, a back-door curve that freezes Stevie Wilkerson at the plate. Morton has been fantastic this year, ranking in the top 10 in MLB in ERA and fWAR.


Adam Ottavino’s Two-Seamer


The Yankees had their fair share of pitching problems in July and probably exacerbated that issue by not making moves at the deadline. One guy who has remained dominant as the Yankees dealt with pitching issues is Adam OttavinoSure, he has an xFIP and SIERA above 4, but his ERA has remained at a pristine 1.50, which has helped the Yankees stay at the top of the competitive AL East.


 Kyle Gibson’s Two-Seamer


Moving on to Kyle Gibson and this beauty of a two-seamer. Gibson is having a solid year as we reach the home stretch. He’s posting a career high in strikeout rate and a career low in walk rate. The Twins will need Gibson to keep up this production if they want to hold off the Indians and win their first AL Central title since 2010.


Jose Berrios’ Curveball


Staying on the Twins, let’s talk about their ace, Jose Berrios. Much like his teammate, Berrios is having a year to remember. Through 141.2 innings he’s already topped his previous career highs in WAR and RA/9 WAR. Berrios’ curveball is his secondary weapon and a solid knockout offering, as the pitch has a 25% strikeout rate. Interestingly enough, out of all the pitches in his arsenal, only his fastball has a higher strikeout rate.


Jacob deGrom’s Changeup


Alright, I’m a Mets fan. I’m cautiously optimistic right now. More cautious than optimistic. But the Mets just keep winning right now. As of this morning, they are just 3(!) games out of the NL Wild Card and just one game under .500. This is all thanks to a fearsome rotation led by Jacob deGrom, who can be seen here fooling Garrett Cooper with a filthy changeup.


Jose Berrios’ Changeup


We’re back to Berrios, and this time we’re featuring his changeup. This pitch is just wonderful to watch. It starts out looking like a fastball delivered inside, but about halfway to home plate, it decides to dart in the opposite direction to get Jake Bauers for a swing-and-miss strike three.


Edwin Diaz’s Fastball


OK, so Edwin Diaz’s time as a Met has had some low lows, but those are accompanied by the occasional high. And this right here is the peak of the mountain. This pitch is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It comes in at 99 mph, gets fouled off, then it gets bobbled by Wilson Ramosand finally caught. Man, that sequence may never happen again.


Trevor Bauer’s Two-Seamer


Finally, we’ve got Trevor Bauer this morning. Bauer has been baseball’s most polarizing figure, and his antics have drawn the ire of his coaches and managers over the years. Since this filthy two-seam fastball was thrown, Bauer was traded to Cincinnati in a three-team blockbuster deal, and I’m sure he’ll continue to flourish there.




Which one of these pitches most deserved to be included in the tournament?


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