The Pitcher List April 1st Edition – Ranking The Top 10 Pitchers To Own This Season

Yesterday, I came out with the final pre-season update to The List, but that was misguided and I felt I needed to right the ship once more before the season...

Yesterday, I came out with the final pre-season update to The List, but that was misguided and I felt I needed to right the ship once more before the season started.

Today on April 1st I will be ranking the Top Pitchers to own as we enter the spring. Use this list as a reference as you search for the best pitcher to fit your situation.

1. New Star 46144 Polycarbonate Plastic Tapered Style Restaurant Water Pitcher

Instead of focusing on more expensive options, the first item on your list should be true to the core. This plastic tapered style pitcher will make every pour easy, while keeping it cool in your refrigerator before use will maintain a low temperature even when hosting in your backyard. Coming it at a very affordable $7.59, New Star is our top choice for the pitcher you need.

2. Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher

Not all pitchers are the same and if you’re looking for that clean water upside, it’s hard to deny that Brita has the highest ceiling of them all. Its soft grip handle makes for a smooth pour every time, while maintaining that crisp, pure taste you can only experience in New York City or in some small town in the North-West. We had to dock points for its filter that needed replacing after our estimated thirty refills, but its half-season production outclasses the rest of the competition in a big way. It’s a bit more expensive than other options at $25.85, but well worth the price.

3. Lenox Opal Innocence Carved Pitcher

“But what if I want simplicity and style?” Porcelain is exactly what you’re looking for and the sleek design of this pitcher from Lenox will suit your fancy. Its “innocence” pattern will soothe your mind as you enjoy a sip of lemonade from the cream colored pitcher, but don’t hesitate to pair this with other elegant items in your dining room set. It’s $35.99 price is the highest among the pitchers available, but it will be tough finding a more sturdy option out there and it sets a high floor that will be in your roster for years to come.

4. Artisan 2-Quart Stainless Steel Serving Pitcher with Hammered Texture

If you miss out on the Opal Innocence, you can get your craft experience from Artisan with this stainless steel pitcher that is sure to not show the rust normally expected from pitchers as they endure the long winter. Its hammered texture makes a great compliment to any roster of silverware, though there is a caveat: If you’re looking for a pitcher to use everyday, you’ll need to invest in someone to clean up after him as this isn’t dishwasher safe. Grab yours today for $34.95.

5. Vremi Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

Fruit infusers are all the rage these days, though the hype may not hold water through the years. Speaking of holding water, this pitcher knocks it out of the park with a clear plastic design that lets you view the variety of fruits you want included in your beverage of choice. If you want your water “exciting” it would be hard to turn down this Vremi option at just $17.99 as you feel like you’re in a spa at home.

6. Hario Glass Ice Water Pitcher

We like to think there is a pitcher for every person and Hario brings something new to the table with this ultra tall glass pitcher. Durability may be in question for the long term, but the Japanese import is making an impression with its unique style and delivery. It will set you back a reasonable $14.81 to own the lanky offering, which will help you with your budget through the season, and I have found myself owning many shares of this pitcher.

7. LG Stylish 2QT Water Juice Pitcher Beverage Dispenser Jar Cooler Butterfly

Any collection isn’t complete without featuring an item that could conceivably be passed down from a grandparent and this offering from LG fits the mold perfectly. It’s floral design mixed with a soft turquoise blue can find its home on that random bench in your dining room or fill that empty space under your island table where you could have sworn you stashed some lightbulbs. With its elegance comes a price – $25.90 – but don’t let that number shy you away from filling out your pitcher selection.

8. Circleware Oasis Bedside Carafe

The Bartolo Colon of pitchers that looks like it may come with some risk, but it pulls it off most of the time. Paired with a free drinking glass as well, it’s hard to find better value at a price tag under $15. It’s wide mouth allows for great command as you deliver from multiple angles. Expect this one to survive the wear and tear of the months, with added value for those looking to keep a pitcher for multiple years.


9. Rubbermaid Pitcher, 2-quart

The Mark Buerhle of our list today is this plastic Rubbermaid pitcher that gets the job done day in and day out. It’s not the sexiest looking of options, but when you need to store that Kool-Aid for another day, you can depend on Rubbermaid to keep it fresh and cool for your enjoyment. Its convenient ice guard will make sure you get the pour you want every time. Snag yours today for $13.01.

10. Hiware 60 Oz Glass Water Pitcher with Natural Bamboo Wood Lid

There’s a lot of mystic surrounding the effects of bamboo lids, but if you need a solid flier to round out your pitchers, Hiware’s 60 Oz option may be the right call. It comes with a two year warranty with a non-drip spout perfectly made to hold those lemons in and let the lemonade out. Who knows, maybe it will lead your pitchers by the end of the summer!

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

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  1. Ben Pernick says:

    I think the Oasis Bedside Carafe is a big sleeper

  2. Blake B. says:

    This is a joke right?! There’s no way you put the new star over the Brita 10. What, are we back in college?

  3. This article made me incredibly thirsty.

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