The Reds Get Daring and 3 Wild Things From Monday

Plus, robo-umps lurking in the wings after Anthony Rendon gets tossed!

Welcome back! As we head into our final stretch of games in the regular season, many teams opened the week in transit to their next opponents. Those that had games, however, provided more than enough entertainment on their own. Here are the best things you may have missed from Monday’s games.


Rendon Gets Run



Yesterday, Anthony Rendon provided us with another gem in his short but prolific start to his career in Los Angeles (Not ‘Hollywood’). It came after home plate umpire Kyle McCrady served him with an ejection in the bottom of the seventh inning. McCrady had just rung Rendon up on a very high strike three call with one on and no outs and Rendon waved him off, prompting the ejection.


This was the typically even-keeled Rendon’s first ejection with the Angels. I’m not sure if Rendon’s action walking off the field was really him mocking the umpire with a teary reaction or the third baseman just itching his face, but you can decide that for yourself.


Reds Staff Goes On An Adventure



In a daring move to set the standard for ball retrievals across the league, a Reds staff member tore off across the field to track down a foul ball. After scooping up the ball and turning on a dime, he raced back for the stands. He had almost made it back to safety when he leaped onto the infield tarp and slipped, and was sent sprawling out onto the concrete. Luckily, they were able to get their feet back under them in time to salvage the landing. While he definitely needs more polish, he showed a lot of heart here.

At the worst, it’s a good thing they were wearing a mask so no one can prove it was them that fell on live TV.


Alejandro Kirk Makes Himself Known


Blue Jays rookie Alejandro Kirk has wasted no time in endearing himself to both his teammates as well as the rest of the league at large for his impressive performance Monday. He went 4-for-4 with a double and his first major league home run to add on to the Blue Jays’ 11-5 thumping of the Yankees.



Kirk has been hitting the ball well in the short time he has been in the majors, averaging a 96.8 mph exit velocity on the few balls he has put in play. If he is able to replicate his impressive plate discipline he showed in the minors last year with 56 walks to 39 strikeouts, he will be a solid young player for the Blue Jays down the stretch.

That will about cover it for all of Monday’s games! Make sure to keep coming back to get caught up with the explosive last remaining days of the 2020 season. Have a great Tuesday.

Noah Scott

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