Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 4/13 Update

Rick Graham's weekly update of the Top 100 Relievers to own in SV+HLDs leagues.

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Following up on our weekly Closers and Holds articles will be our Top 100 RP’s for SV+HD leagues every Friday. Use this list to get a feel for the current reliever market and to gauge value for trades, waiver adds, etc.


  • I havn’t talked about Aroldis Chapman much since the start of the season, but I think it’s worth pointing out his early numbers so far. He’s ranking in the top 10 among relievers in SwStr% and Z-Contact% which is a good indicator he can still be that 2012-2016 Chapman. The only difference being his velocity is down a couple ticks, but he is throwing his slider a career high 30.8% which is helping to keep hitters more off balance. That number hasn’t been over 20% since 2014 so it’ll be interesting to see how that usage looks going forward.
  • The Cubs have yet to use Brandon Morrow in anything but a save situation since he faced one batter in their 17th inning loss to the Marlins back on March 30th. He went a whole week until his next appearance, and the fact that he’s been used sparingly makes me think they are going to preserve him for save situations only. That could mean he doesn’t see more than 40/50 innings this season, limiting his counting stat value.
  • Nate Jones saw the last save opportunity for the White Sox, which may be a sign the team is starting to favor him in that role, especially with Joakim Soria’s inconsistencies. I know they had announced the two would split chances at the beginning of the season, but Jones (when healthy) is a much better option, past 9th inning struggles and all.
  • Despite short stints as their respective teams closers, I’m still optimistic about Dominic Leone and to a lesser degree Blake Parker’s outlook this season. Leone has had some bad luck (.455 BABIP, 3 HR in 5.2 IP after allowing 6 over 70+ last season). Parker has had some walk issues, which is uncharacteristic of himself.
  • Still waiting on the Emilio Pagan’s strikeout numbers we were promised. They should come with time, but for now it’s at least nice to see him working closer to a setup role for the A’s.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

12 responses to “Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 4/13 Update”

  1. Hold me says:

    I’m in a Holds league. For that, ratios, and the potential to close- do you like Ottavino or Peacock? I have Ottavino but someone just dropped Peacock, I’m thinking of swapping them..

    • Rick Graham says:

      Peacock. Ottavino’s ridiculous start is not sustainable and he shuold cool off eventually. Not to say he still won’t be useful, but I think Peacock’s usage should be higher the rest of the season.

  2. Gregory B says:

    Any advice on stashing injured relievers?
    Wondering if Melancon, Swarzak, and/or Yates are worth DL stashes.

    • Rick Graham says:

      Depends on your league roster settings. If you have open DL spots, sure, but if you are looking at dropping a top 200 player just to keep one of them around, I’d probably cut bait.

      • Gregory B says:

        Assuming open DL slot, anybody injured you would stash ahead of those three in SV+HLD?

        • Rick Graham says:

          Ahead of those 3, probably just Knebel and Britton. Guys like Neshek, Gregerson and Hunter are a little behind Swarzak and Yates.

  3. McNulty says:

    can you explain your rationale on guys like Peacock and Green, who get a lot of innings and Ks, but not many saves or holds (although they can grab a few extra wins).

    Perhaps a higher ranking is justified in a deeper league, where their Ks/ratios are more beneficial compared to lower SP and RP, but that may not translate to a shallower league where you need to actually accumulate more S and H?

    • Rick Graham says:

      Peacock is working in a late inning role now, which is why he jumped up so high. Green is still a big difference maker in 3 categories, so even if he isn’t getting saves or holds, he’s still a top 5-10 RP for 3/5 standard league categories. That’s worth owning in most leagues.

  4. J.C. Mosier says:

    Thanks for adding “Change” and “Previous,” Rick!

  5. Scott says:

    Would you rather own devenski or Strickland for saves + holds. I know devenski is ranked higher; he is the better pitcher for k and ratios. But from a saves + holds only perspective, who do would you rather own? I don’t think melancon is going to be back for a while and may not close anyway. Closers generally have more saves than relievers get holds. Devo also has peacock getting a lot of work. Thanks

    • Rick Graham says:

      I think Devenski has more value long term but that being said, we really have no idea what Melancon’s situation is. Strickland may have a slight edge sv+hd wise, but I don’t think it’s far enough off that I’d prefer him over Devenski right now.

  6. Sir says:

    Are you still as high on Peacock after this weekend?

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