Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 5/18 Update

Rick Graham's weekly update of the Top 100 Relievers to own in SV+HLDs leagues.

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Following up on our weekly Closers and Holds articles will be our Top 100 RP’s for SV+HD leagues every Friday. Use this list to get a feel for the current reliever market and to gauge value for trades, waiver adds, etc. Keep in mind, holds are much more volatile and harder to predict. We’ve only seen one season from a pitcher with more than 30 holds since 2016, while 26 closers have gone over 30 saves in that same timeframe.


  • I think we can safely cross off Jim Johnson as the Angels potential closer moving forward after he was a disaster working the 7th inning last night. So that now leaves us with three possible replacements, with Justin Anderson and Blake Parker as the front runners. Anderson hasn’t pitched since picking up a save May 14, but I just can’t believe that he is definitely Mike Scioscia’s first option right now. Despite missing bats at a high rate, he’s posted a 10.13 ERA and 1.875 WHIP over 5.1 innings the past two weeks. I’m still eyeing Parker as the long term solution.
  • In other committee news, the Phillies and White Sox situations continued to get even more murkier last night. Nate Jones was used in Chicago’s save chance, and he was able to shut the door despite hitting a batter and allowing a hit. It seems like that could be heading towards a three headed closer committee, which is never anything to get excited about. The Phillies kinda used Edubray Ramos last night in a near save situation (4 run lead), but he did go on to load the bases after facing 4 batters. I still think it’s ultimately Hector Neris’s role, but his job security is hanging by a thread.
  • Thirteen different relievers led the past week with 3 SV+HD’s but shout out to Brad Ziegler, who now has more saves than Kenley Jansen on the year and just worked his way back on to the list.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

10 responses to “Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 5/18 Update”

  1. Southern Marylander says:

    What’s the relative difference in value for Givens, Harris, and Carle given that the number of wins (and therefore possible SVHD) for the teams would be Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore? Would Carle and Givens have an advantage because the Astros win too many games by too many runs?

    • Rick Graham says:

      I dont think there is any quantitative measurement to predict saves or holds based on team success. The one thing I would say about Houston though is that I’m more concerned about how insanely good their starting rotation is then their offense scoring runs. All 5 of those guys can go 7-8 innings a night which limits hold opportunities.

  2. Adrian says:

    Where do you foresee Britton falling on this list? I have Hader, Hand, Edwards Jr. and Ottavino, and while I don’t want to drop Ottavino, guess he would be the one to go, if Britton is an upgrade.

  3. James says:

    How do we feel about Andrew Miller’s lackluster couple of outings since his return? I’m a little surprised you still count him as tier 1 after another blown save. I mean I’m still holding him in hopes it’ll turn around, but should I be worried?

    • Rick Graham says:

      Just rust from the DL stint in my opinion. Happens to the best of them.

      • Southern Marylander says:

        Miller, Knebel, and Jansen are all kind of killing me. They’ve only got Hader beat in SVHD 13 – 12 with lackluster ERA and WHIP. Allen hasn’t been great either. I’d be in serious trouble if I hadn’t picked up Ottavino and Carle early. Still, that bullpen (everyone mentioned is on my team in 16 team league) shouldn’t have me struggling to win SVHD every week. I guess that’s why you don’t pay for RP in the auction…

  4. theKraken says:

    What is up with Kirby Yates? Not really a bullpen guy and that name looks really high. What is the appeal? if you have the time of course…

    • Rick Graham says:

      88 K’s in 56 innings last year (17.3 SwStr%) to go with low ratios for the most part (basically it was just August that was brutal for him). He’s locked in as Brad Hands set up man, and the Padres seem to find ways to get into a lot of save/hold opportunities.

  5. Martin says:

    Does Arano belong on this list now?

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