Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 8/17 Update

Rick Graham's weekly update of the Top 100 Relievers to own in SV+HLDs leagues.

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Following up on our weekly Closers and Holds articles will be our Top 100 RP’s for SV+HD leagues every Friday. Use this list to get a feel for the current reliever market and to gauge value for trades, waiver adds, etc. Keep in mind, holds are much more volatile and harder to predict. We’ve only seen one season from a pitcher with more than 30 holds since 2016, while 26 closers have gone over 30 saves in that same timeframe.


Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

11 responses to “Top 100 Relievers to Own in Save+Hold Leagues: 8/17 Update”

  1. larry womack says:

    Do you think Corey Knebel get the closer gig back. I’m looking at dropping him for a bat.

    • Rick Graham says:

      I think as long as he can pitch well, the Brewers would like to plug him back into that role ASAP. Definitely, not a must hold by any means, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him have a big September if he can get himself right.

  2. theKraken says:

    How do you figure Yates is above a bunch of the other closers? I know he has been great this year, but I own him and he isn’t getting many anything opportunities. He pitches in a tie game every time and never gets the win lol. He was actually more valuable as a setup guy strangely. Asking the Padres to hold a lead in the 9th is just too much to ask.
    Kind of stinks that Trivino suffers due to Rodney.
    Koda Glover could jump up a lot, no? All of those injured guys sound pretty dinged up. Yeah, I know Glover hasn’t been very good so far but they don’t have any options. Who knows, maybe he will go full dumpster fire.
    Its purely speculation, but I think Maeda is probably near the top of this list. I am just guessing, but I think they are going to use him in a Josh Hader role – highest leverage, multi innings, saves, etc. I am just guessing, but that was his role last year when he got moved to the pen if you can remember the playoffs. Who knows? Maybe this is just a way to manage his innings and he doesn’t even belong on the list…

    • Rick Graham says:

      It’s unfortunate the Padres haven’t gave Yates the kind of opportunities they were given Hand the past two years, but I expect water to seek its level so to speak. Yates is still one of the most dominant relievers in the game right now, and could be a fantasy difference maker in the playoffs.

      It really does, but Trivino isn’t done just yet. Rodney and even Familia are prone to blow ups and one or two could open the 7th or 8th inning back up for Trivino.

      I like Glover’s stuff, but it just doesn’t translate to much on paper yet. He has a hard time getting swings and misses which for a closer can be playing with fire.

      I think that’s what the Dodgers have envisioned with Maeda and that may be the plan, but until its implemented successfully, I have doubts on how effective he will be. Small sample size but Maeda’s career relief numbers are mixed to this point (10.1 IP, 12 H, 5 ER, 14/1 K/BB). Definitely talented enough though to find his way into that 1st or 2nd tier.

  3. AJ says:

    I know these can be sporadic but Winkler has 1 hold in the last month. 26 seems high. Rather have a guy like Bud Norris who is closing so we know that he will get saves.

  4. James Wong says:

    Can someone please explain why Carl Edwards Jr is so far above both Steve Cishek and Pedro Strop? I consistently see Edwards come out in the 7th and Strop in the 8th. Thanks!

    • Rick Graham says:

      Combination of past success and his K upside. He’s 13th in K/9 and 8th in SwStr% among qualified relievers. He has 6 SV+HD over the past month while Cishek and Strop have 8 so thats not a big concern.

    • Brett says:

      Edwards is incredibly overrated. He is situational which hurts his value in SV+H leagues. He is not locked into the 7th or 8th. Even when Morrow went down with injury, this did not change. Again, that says a lot about value moving forward. Strop was ranked much lower than Edwards here, and as you can see has outperformed and taken the Closer’s gig.

      Cishek is the better RP to own over Edwards. Don’t go by this list, go by manager’s trust and deployment.

      • James Wong says:

        I’m going to have to agree…he just got sent out in the 6th today during a tie game. Although this website is amazing, I feel like they sometimes tunnel-vision the advanced stats too much and don’t consider the more black-and-white factors that you mentioned. Matt Barnes is still available in my league, thoughts on him?

  5. Rolaids Relief says:

    Is Wily Peralta so low due to team only? I’d way rather have him over any White Sox pitchers (Avilan, Fry), though maybe a little less than Givens (who is on an equally terrible Baltimore squad, but is 20 spots ahead).

    • Rick Graham says:

      That and his low WHIP/K upside. Since taking over as closer two months ago, he still only has 8 saves.

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