TWF 13: Cruzin’ For A Bruisin’ (feat. John Foley)

Oneil Cruz: #15 on the field, #1 in our hearts

This Week In Fantasy Baseball – Lee Keller (@Regicidal) and John Ke (@thejohnke) catch you up on everything in “This Week in Fantasy Baseball”!

The terrific tandem is back to fill you in on everything that happened in fantasy baseball from June 17th to June 23rd! There were some exciting prospect call-ups, tons of multi-homer games, a lot of injury notes, and some streaming recommendations for this weekend! Also, Pitcher List writer John Foley joins us on the show to talk about Charlie Morton and his curveball.

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John Ke

John is a longsuffering Twins fan and still gets triggered by the mention of "rally monkeys". You can also catch him on the "This Week in Fantasy Baseball" podcast.

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