TWF 3: Vlad Jr. Launches 3 HR’s and Kershaw’s Perfect (feat. Matt Filpi)

Vlad keeps mashing and Kershaw is perfect

This Week In Fantasy Baseball – Lee Keller (@Regicidal) and John Ke (@thejohnke) catch you up on everything in “This Week in Fantasy Baseball”!

While Lee is under vocal rest before surgery on his throat, John recaps you on everything that took place in fantasy baseball from April 9th to April 14th! Also, Pitcher List writer Matt Filpi comes on the show to about his article on whether Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, and Mookie Betts can return to their former MVP form.

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John Ke

John is a longsuffering Twins fan and still gets triggered by the mention of "rally monkeys". You can also catch him on the "This Week in Fantasy Baseball" podcast.

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