TWF 31: Starter Your Engines (feat. Nate Schwartz)

Starting pitching is a marathon, not a sprint


This Week In Fantasy Baseball – Lee Keller (@Regicidal) and John Ke (@thejohnke) catch you up on everything in “This Week in Fantasy Baseball”!

The dynamic duo talks about starting pitchers! We go over 51 of Nick Pollack’s “Top 100 Starting Pitchers for 2023” list and provide a few opinions on who we like and who we would lower on the list. Also, with a podcast dedicated to starters, we brought Pitcher List writer Nate Schwartz (@_nateschwartz) on to talk about his article, “Process vs Results: Identifying Sleepers Through PLV & Run Value“.

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John Ke

John is a longsuffering Twins fan and still gets triggered by the mention of "rally monkeys". You can also catch him on the "This Week in Fantasy Baseball" podcast.

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