TWF 55: Harpering on about Acuña

This podcast is about as long as Acuña's base celebration!


This Week In Fantasy Baseball – Lee Keller (@Regicidal) and John Ke (@thejohnke) catch you up on everything in “This Week in Fantasy Baseball”!

The dynamic duo is back to fill you in on everything that happened in fantasy baseball from September 22nd to September 28th! They cover: MLB news, player performances, including Ronald Acuña Jr.’s record setting 40-70 season, Francisco Lindor’s 30-30 season, Bryce Harper’s resurgence and a whole lot more in this final episode of the regular season in 2023!

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John Ke

John is a longsuffering Twins fan and still gets triggered by the mention of "rally monkeys". You can also catch him on the "This Week in Fantasy Baseball" podcast.

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