Vibe Check: The Marlins Get Mets’d

Stretch out, light some incense, and let’s check the vibes. 

Hello! Welcome to Vibe Check, a weekly roundup article where we just sit back, take a deep breath, maybe brew a cup of tea (oolong if you have it) and just kind of take the temperature on what’s going on around Major League Baseball. So stretch out, light some incense, and let’s check the vibes. 


Good Vibes

Yabba Da Baddoo


Congratulations to Detroit Tigers rookie Akil Baddoo, who made it to the Show and immediately said “that’s it?” on the very first pitch he saw. Baseball Reference still has not added “Yabba Da” as an official nickname for Baddoo and that is an absolute tragedy. 

It won’t really matter, though, if he keeps on exposing Major League pitching like it’s wiffle ball at a New York Jets tailgate (post-game, so we’re 80 beers and a blowout loss into this metaphor) because they’re going to very quickly be adding a goat emoji to the nickname section. 

Yes, I just called Baddoo the GOAT. We’re riding vibes here, not sample sizes. 


Mike Trout Is Good At Baseball

The season hasn’t started until we have our first Trout Stat that’s both completely bonkers and shockingly normal in the context of Mike Trout’s career. We don’t have to do this every week, but it’s always fun to just remember that we are living in the era of Mike Trout, who is constantly inching past every single baseball player in Cooperstown in the most boring way possible. 


Musgrove No-No


Joe Musgrove threw a no-hitter on Friday night. 


This was cool, and then it was made clear that the San Diego Padres have never thrown a no-hitter in franchise history, and it got a little sad. But it’s still cool.

And then this guy showed up with an incredible call. 

And then it turned out it wasn’t so much a call as a plea. Because it’s not the first time Sully Baseball had a good feeling about a Padres start. 

Or the second time. 

Or the third. 

You get the idea. Still, shoutout to the San Diego Padres for keeping the dream alive. 



Absolutely Thriving Vibes

Big “I Won The Divorce” Energy 


I’m not sure if you heard, but Mookie Betts used to play for the Boston Red Sox. They traded him because they had to get under the Luxury Cap so they could afford to pay their world-class snack vendors, and stay profitable enough that beloved Boston sports icon LeBron James would acquire part of their team. 

The Red Sox did not do well. Betts, however, thrived. 

If you didn’t know any of this story, you could have filled in every single blank when you saw the fit Betts showed up in to Dodger Stadium on Ring Ceremony Day. 

Betts is very clearly the Scarlett Johansson of this Marriage Story scenario. 



Weird Vibes

A Home Run Single  


Less than a week into the season and we got a nice hefty dose of The Weird Stuff. A home run hit for an RBI single by Cody Bellinger. In short, Justin Turner, a runner on base, thought Bellinger’s homer was caught, so he ran back to first as Bellinger rounded the bases. This is apparently an out? Or something. I don’t know. 

All I have to offer is this photo made by my friend Ben Hillman (@BitBracket) to explain the situation. 

Coors Cat

I love this cat. I adore this cat. I would fight to the death for Coors Cat. Coors Cat would probably fight to the death for Coors Cat. Coors Cat has probably fought to the death several times. Coors Cat remains undefeated. 



Greinke Vibes

Cranky Greinke Off To A Hot Start 

Mark my words, Zack Greinke will absolutely levitate in the bullpen at some point during this season. And when he does, he will refuse to acknowledge it. And he’ll probably still be steamed because coach didn’t let him hit again.  



Bad Vibes

Mets reverse Mets someone 


In the fourth inning of Thursday’s Mets – Marlins game, Marlins first baseman Jesús Aguilar pick-pocketed Mets first baseman Dominic Smith and stole the Mets’ signs card. 


In response, the Mets stole the dang game.

It’s not just a supremely alpha move to draw a walk this blatantly, so much so that Umpire Ron Kulpa almost immediately admitted he was dead wrong. 

It’s a definitively non-Mets move. In fact, the Marlins got Mets’d here pretty hard. And sure, you can go ahead and tell me that with bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and Pete “The Polar Bear” Alonso due up next, this game was probably over one way or the other. But you go ahead and tell me that isn’t the kind of scenario the Mets love to lose. And they couldn’t just hit a single to bring a runner in. They had to commit the most egregious lean-in since Max Scherzer, on the verge of a perfect game, ruthlessly attacked Jose Tabata in 2015.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the end (not a typo) of the Mets? 



Championship Vibes

How are the Mariners? 


Currently +5500 to go to the World Series. So they’re doing great, thanks for asking. 

Ben Ellenberg

Ben lives in Los Angeles and is almost always thinking about Tony Gwynn stuff.

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