Wacky Leagues Week 13: Quick Hits Edition

Just the facts, Jack.

I briefly noted last week I would be out of town this week and I still am, so this installment is just gonna be some quick recap points to keep everybody up to date on things, especially Guillotine since we’re really getting into the endgame now.

As usual, if you haven’t already, I urge you to head on over to the PL+ sign-up page and get on the Discord so you can start prepping for the 2022 Wacky Season.


The Guillotine Leagues


In League 1, Christopher Reeves will have to be Mr. Content in the past-tense now, as he was eliminated, going into Sunday 74 points behind me, and I am definitely feeling like the odd man out between the Final Four of KingHippo, Alex Drennan, and Adam Howe.

Alex definitely has a plan for the final weeks, as he was doing this on Thursday:

In League 2, it was Alex Tran’s turn to wave goodbye, as “Melancon, Ohtani and mediocre starts killed me.” Although in Alex’s defense, the deficit coming into Sunday’s slate was only 2.75 points. If anybody in League 2 is making triple-digit waiver moves on the weekend, they’re keeping it under wraps, although I can feel Nick Pollack’s flop sweat from here as he realizes every week how few teams remain.

As far as players go, just trust me that a lot of good ones were available in both leagues, everybody in League 2 is now destitute (highest remaining FAAB belongs to Rich Holman with $24) while in League 1 KingHippo still has $147 remaining, while Alex is still sitting on $265?! How?!


Grand Theft Baseball


I’m currently in Los Angeles, but it’s clear that Adam Sloate isn’t meant to enjoy Bel Aire, as he got Will Smith stolen from him for the second time this week. First, it was the catcher back on June 15th, this time it was the RP, who was picked up by Nicole Cahill. Welcome to Earth Grand Theft Baseball.

Notable thefts:
League 1: Real run on closers this week, as Donny Moskovits stole Mark Melancon, Justin Redler got Jake McGee, and Tina Yu snagged James Karinchak.
League 2: Alex Tran got to add DJ LeMahieu just as he seems to be fully coming back into form, which is good for both Alex and the Yankees!
League 3: ZachTipp picked up Yasmani Grandal and dropped Keston Hiura which might be the single biggest OBP swing from a single transaction you can pull off right now, although Yasmai injuring his knee kind of sours the deal.
League 4: SABRtooth Tigers had a brutal week from his pitching staff but still pulled off the win and stole Sonny Gray, so hey, that helps.

Grand Theft Baseball Standings




Yours truly is still rockin’ the suburbs out here with a .346 win pct in Categories, while Justin Redler took top honors in Points. He got 45.25 points from a single start by Vladimir Gutierrez. That’s a spicy meatball.

WorstBall Standings


Featured image by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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