WAF 124 – ADP Gifts for Position Cliffs

Van & Steve discuss position cliffs

Wins Above Fantasy – Van Burnett (@Van_Verified) and Steve Gesuele (@stav8818) discuss position cliffs and players to target after tier drop-offs.

  • 2:33 Approaching Position Cliffs
  • 10:13 Catcher Depth?
  • 17:49 First Base Front-loaded
  • 26:41 Second Base Needs a Plan
  • 36:08 Shortstop Scaries?
  • 43:48 Third Base Fades FAST
  • 51:49 Outfield Outpays the Rest
  • 59:12 Pitcher Values vs. “Position Cliffs”

Steve Gesuele

Steve Gesuele is a fantasy baseball enthusiast who has been playing since 2012. He takes pride in participating in his competitive home league- The League of Champions. He was the sports editor at Loyola University Maryland where he covered their men's basketball team and NCAA-champion men's lacrosse team. He is a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan currently residing in Hoboken, NJ.

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