Who are the Most Likely Players on the Move at the Trade Deadline?

10 players who will probably be traded soon

With just a month and a half remaining until the MLB trading deadline, there is a group of players that is most likely to be moved by then. There will surely be more players than this who are traded and some of the ones listed below may not be moved, but due to many of these players’ shared circumstances, they are the most likely to be traded.

Many of you will probably ask, “Where is Shohei Ohtani?” My response is that while he is the most valuable player that could be on the move, he is not one of the most likely players to be on the move.

The first reason is that the Angels’ record at the moment sits at seven games above .500. The other reason is that Arte Moreno and the Angels’ management have appeared to be stubborn. That said, if a good enough offer for Ohtani is out there, he could very well be in a different uniform come August.


Lucas Giolito – (CHW)

Stats through June 17

Although it does not necessarily say much, Lucas Giolito has looked better than he did last year. While his metrics are nowhere near their 2021 levels, Giolito has pitched himself to becoming a valuable trade piece for the White Sox with his contract expiring after this season.


Paul Goldschmidt – (STL)

Stats through June 17

The Cardinals will most likely try to find their way back into contention in 2024 instead of entering full rebuild mode, but they may still sell off their veteran first baseman. Despite being in his mid-30s, Paul Goldschmidt is still a star player and should attract significant trade offers.

With the position that the Cardinals are in, Goldschmidt is more valuable as a trade piece than if they kept him around to finish his contract. The Cardinals will push to receive at least one near-MLB-ready player in return who could contribute next year.


Jack Flaherty – (STL)

Stats through June 17

Since a rough April, Jack Flaherty has settled into being a decent starting pitcher, and with free agency approaching for the righty, he is likely to be traded prior to the deadline. He has not rediscovered his elite form, although he has done a good job of preventing hard contact this season. That being said, the walk rate, which places him in the ninth percentile, will dissuade many teams from putting much stock in Flaherty.

Stats through May 7


Like Flaherty, Jordan Montgomery is an upcoming Cardinals free agent that has had an inconsistent year. Although a rental, he offers concrete value as an established mid-to-backend rotation arm with some postseason experience.


James Paxton– (BOS)

Stats through June 17

After beginning the season on the injured list, James Paxton has burst onto the scene being that he had not thrown an MLB pitch in two years. With Chris Sale succumbing to injury, Paxton has effectively led Boston’s rotation recently. With the direction the Red Sox season is heading, Paxton seems most likely to be heading elsewhere come August. Although just a rental, he still offers great value with the ability to slot into the front end of any contender’s rotation.


Corbin Burnes – (MIL)

Stats through June 17

Corbin Burnes will be traded; it is just a question of whether that will happen later this summer or during the upcoming winter. Although not at his previous Cy Young levels, Burnes is having a stellar season with nine quality starts already under his belt. The righty has a year of control remaining and could become one of, if not, the biggest name on the move this deadline.


Cody Bellinger – (CHC)

Stats through June 17

Cody Bellinger is having a nice all-around season for himself. Still an elite defender, the outfielder has also made some progress at the plate. He ended 2022 with a .210 batting average with a .654 OPS; you can see above how much he has improved.


Aaron Nola – (PHI)

Stats through June 17

Extension talks reportedly collapsed between Aaron Nola and the Phillies prior to the season, and with the direction the team’s season is headed, it is hard to see the hurler in a Phillies uniform come September. Unfortunately for the Phillies, however, Nola has significantly regressed across the board this season.


Shane Bieber – (CLE)

Stats through June 17

Shane Bieber has steadily regressed since his Cy Young season. So, with w year of team control remaining, the Guardians will be eager to move him before his value can further drop. Despite the drop in velocity, among other metrics, Bieber is still more than managing to get outs. Bieber is sure to garner a substantial return for Cleveland, and maybe one that can boost its struggling offense in the future.

Aroldis Chapman – (KCR)
Stats through June 17

A team in the position of the Royals entering the season signs Aroldis Chapman for the main purpose of trading him a few months later. Compared to his prior year and a half or so of struggles, Chapman has returned to something close to his elite form. Although his walk rate is still elevated, most of his other metrics are down closer to his late-2010s levels.

There are always the off-the-field issues with Chapman that potential suiters will grapple with, but he is nevertheless bound to be traded and could be a significant contributor in the back of a contender’s bullpen down the stretch.

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