Why Curt Schilling Has No Place In Cooperstown

Schilling's playing ability is irrelevant next to the harm he's caused.

Content warning: Racism, Violence

Hall of Fame ballots are out, which means it’s the start of the two-month-long march to Cooperstown that typically keeps us occupied during the offseason. As always, there’s an explosion of debate about this year’s potential electees. It can be a lot of fun! The seriousness of our Hall of Fame debates is one of the things that makes baseball unique. For some, it’s part of what it means to be a baseball fan.

Lately, however, the annual Hall of Fame debate has turned in some part into a repetitive cycle of hand-wringing, angst, and discomfort about the candidacies of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Curt Schilling. The reasons for their failure to hit the required 75% vote threshold are well-known, but I’ll let others carry out the PED discussion. That’s not the reason we’re still talking about Curt Schilling, and it’s Schilling that I want to give some thought to here.

You’ve probably already got some idea of why Schilling has been lumped in with the steroid users. If you don’t, we’ll get there in a second. What’s important is that unlike the other two, Schilling has already reached the very cusp of induction, appearing on 70% of last year’s ballots, including 74% of those made publicly available. Schilling is considered a likely bet to cross the 75% threshold this winter, so get ready to hear from a number of different sources over the next month-and-change about how it’s time to give him his due and send him to Cooperstown.

There will be interviews, panels, and oodles of painful internet discourse about whether the “off-the-field stuff” that’s kept him out of the Hall matters enough to continue keeping him out. There might even be a media redemption tour from the man himself, like the fluffy sit-down he did with Bob Costas last December. It’s enough to make reasonable people roll their eyes.

But let’s never lose sight of why these tortured theatrics will even be necessary. Why do we need to have these conversations when more or less nothing has occurred to make Curt Schilling any more deserving of the Hall of Fame than he was eight years ago? To begin to understand why the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s (BBWAA) softening of their stance on Schilling is simultaneously confusing, damaging, and unacceptable, let’s do a quick rundown of how he’s spent his time post-retirement.

By the time he first appeared on a ballot in 2013, Schilling was embroiled in a massive lawsuit with the state of Rhode Island after a scandal involving misuse and default on a $75 million loan granted by the state to a gaming company fronted by Schilling. At the time, it appeared he’d have significant difficulty overcoming the Hall’s infamous character clause. Already unpopular with the press after years of feuding with teammates, executives, and media members alike, he garnered just 39% of the vote on his first go-around, falling to 29% the next year.

Since then, however, the Schilling vote has steadily increased, culminating in his 70% share in last year’s election. This is despite the increasingly problematic—to be generous—nature of his behavior since his first ballot. Already known for his fringe views, Schilling first flared back into the spotlight in 2014, when then-ESPN prospect analyst Keith Law was suspended from the network following a Twitter exchange with Schilling in which the latter repeatedly denied evolution.

The following year, Schilling himself was suspended from broadcast duties (in the midst of calling the Little League World Series, no less) when he shared memes and an incoherent diatribe likening Muslims to Nazis. He was finally fired from the network in 2016 after sharing more hateful posts targeting trans and other LGBTQ+ communities.

That’s only the beginning. Since then, Schilling has fully embraced his alt-right persona. Some of the more notable ways in which he’s used his sizable platform include sharing tweets and Facebook posts advocating for the lynching of journalists, agreeing with and promoting white supremacists on his Breitbart radio show, peddling QAnon takes, and generally spending his days regurgitating racist tropes and abuse across his social media accounts. As of yesterday, he still thinks the election was rigged and/or stolen. Make of that what you will.

I don’t want to overcite the conspiracy-minded rot that Schilling has ceaselessly produced for his hundreds of thousands of followers over the last several years. It’s well-documented across all corners of the internet. By now, we know who Schilling is. This isn’t about making a moral judgment on Schilling himself, because that should be a foregone conclusion at this point. It is, however, a judgment on the Hall of Fame and the writers of the BBWAA, who are increasingly and alarmingly failing to come to terms with the damage Schilling does.

It feels preposterous that we would even consider giving a man of his character a plaque, medal, and platform when Black athletes across all sports have been blackballed, ostracized, and abused for daring to even kneel in protest of the violence Schilling encourages. But as the argument always goes, there are plenty of repulsive characters already in the Hall of Fame.

Ty Cobb is the most popular example, despite the alleged embellishment of his racist tendencies, but Tris Speaker and Cap Anson are frequently cited as well. It’s true that the earliest legends of the game—and some of the later ones as well—sometimes embodied the worst values of their times, and the baseball writers of those times chose to disregard it.

But it is baffling that the BBWAA of 2020 has seemingly concluded that they have no choice but to follow the mistakes of their predecessors, simply because that’s how they did it. Let Ryan Fagan of the Sporting News tell you, as he explained his vote for Schilling ten months ago:

“As for Schilling’s public heel turn, lets just say I will not listen to his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, and I kind of hate that my vote will help eventually give him that stage. But what he did on the field—with his 3,116 strikeouts and 79.9 WAR leading his resume—undeniably earned a spot in Cooperstown.”

Fagan appears to believe that voting against Schilling will be held against him at the Pearly Gates. There are so, so many issues with statements like these, but what’s especially unclear to me is what invisible forces are compelling the BBWAA to uphold voting standards of the 1940s and 50s.

The early founders of the Hall of Fame operated by the rules of a society that made second-class citizens out of everyone not a cisgender, heterosexual white man, and that’s reflected in their criteria for who deserves to be enshrined. For writers to act as if they’re helpless to not abide by those criteria is, well, dumb. Times change and standards with them, and as Fagan is clearly aware, the standards of today dictate that Schilling is not worth celebrating under any circumstances.

For better or worse, the positioning of the Hall of Fame as purely about on-field merit is part of what makes it meaningful. The mythologies of all American sports are premised on the idea that performance on the field is ultimately the great equalizer, no matter your identity.

But it’s both ludicrous and irresponsible to suggest that Schilling’s exclusion would somehow make the Hall of Fame less legitimate, or damage its legacy. Ryan Fagan can make himself feel better by turning and looking away, but it doesn’t change the fact that Schilling will give his speech all the same, and he will forever be on a literal pedestal among players whose very humanity he would throw dirt on.

What makes this cowardice, apparently shared by the majority of the voting BBWAA, particularly gross is that real, tangible harm is caused by the lies, abuse, and invective that Schilling willingly stands for. Words matter. Documented hate crimes are at a modern-day high. People are dying thanks to the violence incited by Schilling and his allies. For the writers to act as if the imagined sanctity of a museum is somehow more important than the damage done to real, human lives is not only callous and cruel, but an active endorsement of the numerous -isms and phobias Schilling promotes.

Needless to say, the overwhelmingly white and male BBWAA broadcasting their indifference to the violence suffered by people of color and the LGBTQ+ community makes for some incredibly disturbing optics. As Yahoo’s Chris Cwik succinctly reminded us last year in a column that you should also read, “every vote that pushes Schilling closer to induction is complicit in both normalizing and rewarding his reprehensible behavior.” After 2020, I’m curious to know whether Fagan still thinks those 3,116 strikeouts are enough of a justification to give Schilling that stage he speaks of. This kind of indifference is not only immoral, it’s lethal.

At the end of the day, neither the Hall of Fame nor MLB are equipped to deal with Curt Schilling in a way that won’t be an affirmation of his racism. They have yet to address their enabling of racism and white supremacy in the past, much less the present! Kenesaw Mountain Landis’s racism was no secret, and neither was his aversion to integration. Yet it was only eight weeks ago that the BBWAA saw fit to remove Landis’s name from baseball’s MVP award.

His Hall of Fame page makes no mention of his role in maintaining segregation. Nor does such an acknowledgment appear for any Jim Crow-era owner or executive, including Tom Yawkey, an owner so virulently racist that the city of Boston had to re-title the street outside Fenway Park bearing his name. Similarly, the Hall’s treatment of Black and Negro Leagues players is incomplete, revisionist history. Not only are there far fewer of them inducted than there probably should be, but their plaques and biographies also make virtually no reference to MLB’s role in excluding them from mainstream baseball history.

To add Schilling to this collection of injustices (of which there are many more) is flat-out unnecessary. Moreover, it’s brutally insulting to all of the players who were systematically excluded from baseball for decades because of people like Schilling, and also to the people who continue to do outstanding work keeping those players’ memories alive.

Those are just the Hall of Fame’s problems. Among the many other things newly re-exposed by 2020 is MLB’s woeful inadequacy at addressing the racism and discrimination still pervasive throughout all levels of baseball culture. In recent months we’ve seen teams, executives, and journalists bungle their tepid responses to incidents as frighteningly overt as Nazi salutes, on-air homophobic slurs, and targeted harassment of women. What will they do when confronted with Schilling’s enthusiasm for all of those things?

What will they do when confronted with Schilling’s endorsement of the hatred spewed by everyone from the President to Aubrey Huff to Alex Jones?

What will they do when confronted with the disrespect and alienation felt by every player and fan belonging to a group targeted and harmed by Schilling and his ilk?

The answer is probably nothing. And it will be the people who have already been excluded the most by baseball that will continue to bear the worst of it, while Schilling gets his perks. No, MLB and the Hall of Fame and especially the BBWAA clearly aren’t ready to deal with that. Their implicit support of Schilling’s views and actions is already a disgrace, and they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves for the fallout.

So don’t buy it. Not the Bob Costas interviews, the takes from former teammates, the wishy-washy debates on MLB Network, or the assertions from clueless journalists that these things are irrelevant. Whatever they talk about, it’s not important.

What matters is that Schilling continues to attack and hurt people on a daily basis and that the BBWAA continues to enable it by treating it like nothing more than a distasteful sideshow. Don’t let them trick you into thinking this is a reasonable debate, because it isn’t, and this shouldn’t be a difficult choice.

Neither the writers nor the Hall of Fame have ever hesitated to use their clout and the character clause as they see fit. Whether it’s spiting steroid users, Roberto Alomar, or non-association writers with the audacity to ask questions in post-game press conferences, the BBWAA has always taken pride in positioning itself as the all-knowing moral arbiter of baseball. It’s been little but self-aggrandizement in the past, but now is the time for the BBWAA to put their high horse to use.

Rather than casting their votes and turning away from the consequences, the writers have an opportunity to, for once, make a profound statement about what we value in baseball. The kind of statement they think they’ve been making this whole time. They can reaffirm that humanity is ultimately what matters. That might be idealistic, but it’s the message we want to send nonetheless.

My hopes aren’t high, but I’m pleading with the BBWAA to snap back to reality and overcome their obsession with purity and tradition. Don’t be complicit in baseball turning its back on marginalized people even more than it already has.

Don’t place yet another stain of racism and malice on the game.

Don’t make hatred compatible with greatness.

Photo by Sporting News/ZUMA Press/Icon Sportswire | Design by Daniel Pearson (@persondaniel)

Zach Hayes

Zach is based in Chicago and contributes analysis and coverage for Pitcher List and South Side Sox. He also co-hosts the Shaggin' Flies podcast with Ben Palmer, and enjoys reading, Justin Fields highlights, and people-watching on the CTA.

45 responses to “Why Curt Schilling Has No Place In Cooperstown”

  1. Cisgender Hetero White Male for Justice says:

    Don’t have much to add besides an empathic “AMEN”

  2. Danny Friedman says:

    Please share this. We can only hope this finds its way to the baseball electors.
    Of course, if he doesn’t get in in he will get Giuliani to argue the conspiracy theories and the stolen election.

  3. Danny Friedman says:

    Please share this. We can only hope this finds its way to the baseball electors.
    Of course, if he doesn’t get in in he will get Giuliani to argue the conspiracy theories and the stolen election.

  4. Lawrence A Howser says:

    Very sorry but the last time I checked this is America which means that people have a right to their opinions. I don’t agree with most of Schilling’s opinions, and the Trump presidency has only swung me further away from that kind of thinking. But his opinions are just that – opinions – and his transgressions are FAR less heinous than those of others who were elected to the Hall of Fame. I find it laughable that your profile lists “contributing to baseball analysis”. This analysis was not in the slightest about baseball, it was an analysis on whether you think that Americans have a right to wrong-headed opinions. Again, many of Schilling’s opinions are wrong-headed, but he has a right to them. He doesn’t have a right to try to force them on me – BUT NEITHER DO YOU! And trying to bring pressure on BBWAA voters to ignore someone’s achievements on the field because of their politics off the field puts you in the world of thought police and opinion Nazis. You keep Schilling out, you’d better start a campaign to remove those in the HOF whose transgressions are far more egregious than his.

    • Dave Z says:

      People have a right to an opinion. And others have a right to call that opinion and the person who spouts it utter trash. Lies and hate have no place in the hall of fame, and neither does Curt Schilling. Hell, he has no place in the land of the breathing, just like any other fascist.

  5. Lawrence A Howser says:

    And by the way (obviously you have made me very angry) it is this kind of crap that allowed a man like Donald Trump to come to power in the United States. So much of our society (the left and the right) is completely intolerant of those who are not like-minded. You also have a right to your opinion, and I will vigorously defend your right to that opinion, but you should try to figure out how your intolerance contributes to the kind of society we face nowadays. If the far ends of EITHER side of the political aisle didn’t work so hard to disenfranchise those on the other side, we might get somewhere in our country.

  6. phil says:

    I’m not sure we should keep him out of the Hall of Fame because his political views. Sounds like censorship.

  7. leroy says:

    hes a hall of famer you over sensitive lefty cry babies.

  8. el bochie says:

    another liberal doing a hit piece, face the facts….everything libs touch they destroy…like this piece trying to destroy Curt only because of his opinions.

  9. Tony Menown says:

    Baseball is about performance. Regardless of personal thoughts/beliefs, Schilling performed on the field. He belongs among the baseball greats, not amongst a list of wonderful people. Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, Rose, and McGwire were all phenomenal baseball players. I don’t care about their personal lives, throw them all in.

  10. Scott Chu says:

    Great piece, Zach.

    Anyone who thinks this is about political views needs to remember calling someone a bully, a racist, a sexist, and/or a homophobe is not a political determination. It is an accusation of poor character. Character is part of the MLB HOF criteria (it’s not for other HOFs, like the NFL HOF). And for what it’s worth, it’s a very compelling accusation.

    If you agree that Schilling belongs in, that’s your right, but make sure you realize that it means that you think he is of requisite moral character. Not good character “compared to other people in the hall”. That’s not the criteria. It’s good moral character.

  11. Matt Nielsen says:

    Great piece. Character matters.

  12. Jean says:

    On the field is what counts people have the right to express their opinion it’s America land of free your comments on cs is your opinion I find it very bias and prejudiced but you have that right same as curt

  13. Shelly says:

    Sounds like you are even worse than he is. Anyone who doesn’t share your politics and opinion, doesnt
    Deserve to live. Grow up! We are all entitled to our own opinions.

  14. Dave says:

    I have been reading PitcherList for several years now and have really enjoyed the articles, analyses, rankings, etc.. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed in reading this political editorial. Zach (the author of this article) clearly has an objective of swaying HOF votes against an individual because of his questionable political views – and to blame Schilling for the bankruptcy/lawsuit of “38 Studios,” is ignorant of the facts of the case. When Zach says “as if the imagined sanctity of a museum is somehow more important than the damage done to real, human lives,” I can only assume he believes it is okay to assault others, destroy property and loot goods in these circumstances. There are other troubling statements he makes that go well beyond the topic of Schilling in Cooperstown. But, I don’t feel like getting into them at the moment. I hope in the future, Zach will learn to be a more objective, analytical writer and Nick (and/or whoever has a say in the matter) will refrain from publishing subjective rage articles such as this.

  15. Peter Kowalksi says:

    This is a terrible point. Censoring someone out of the Hall of Fame based on stuff that happened outside the field. His accomplishments are very Hall of Fame worthy and you are the epitome of people in the year 2020 just trying to cancel someone based on the way they think. It’s pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Schilling’s persona. He’s annoying obnoxious and a puppet to Donald Trump, saying whatever he thinks will appease that moron. However, to deny someone a Hall of Fame slot based on opinions and not pure stats is outrageous. Be better.

  16. Rocket says:

    Zach, look up moral preening. I think the “Hall” is for great players of the game of baseball. If Schilling fits that category he will be voted in.

    If this is the direction PL is going I will move on to other sites. Lets stick to baseball.

  17. Ben Pernick says:

    You’re absolutely right. If character didn’t matter, Pete Rose would have been inducted, no? And what Schilling has done has been way, WAY more harmful than Rose.


  18. Rocket says:

    So now contributors to PL are calling the readers who have a different opinion about Schilling white supremacists? That is pretty shocking and very insulting. Did you think before you posted this?

    Sorry Nick, you run the show and are ultimately responsible for their work. I really like what you and Alex do but, I am out of here.

  19. Scott in Ann Arbor says:

    Thank you, Zach. Outstanding piece. You made it very clear that Schilling’s dangerous hatred does not deserve to be rewarded.

  20. Jon says:

    Nick & Alex….can you guys just say it please. That this is a site ONLY for Left wing, democratic-socialist/liberal/progressive/leftist baseball fans? Please just announce WHAT YOU ARE. You all (except Nick & Alex for most part) peddle it on twitter. Being blunt about it would at least save some grace. But you cannot talk about being inclusive anymore. Literally, this entire article is suggesting one of the best & most dominant pitchers in the last 30 years, with HOF stats (what I was hoping you’d discuss in this article) doesn’t belong in the HOF because he’s an outspoken CONSERVATIVE. Think about that and how pathetic this is. He doesn’t believe in evolution was a point made (tens of millions of ppl don’t either)& he loves Trump and believes there was insane election fraud 3 weeks ago (over 74+ million ppl agree with him). Seriously these are 2 points hammered in the article. Get outta here with this & get off your ego! He just takes opinions you disagree with. You talk inclusion but you literally are saying: conservatives not welcome with articles like this. The author lives is indicative of what you guys are becoming: a left wing echo chamber. Do one of two things: announce what you are so there is at least transparency, or focus this on building this as what it could become – one of the best baseball sites out there that focuses on baseball, not players & writers political opinions. This is the saddest article I’ve read on this site and wish you guys would be better as you are capable of it.

  21. nick says:

    This is my first time on this site, baseball is my thing and I enjoy the niche of sites like this. Im assuming this is not how all their writer’s write, but this guy seems pretty intolerant himself. You don’t agree with his political opinions, so he shouldn’t be allowed in the Hall of Fame? But then I saw this writer is still a college student, and I remember having some pretty short-sighted opinions myself when I was that age. I guess I’m more surprised than anything else, that the editors of this site would want this representing their business.

  22. Timmy Schafer says:

    I’m a baseball fan. I love the game. Schilling excelled in the game, provided important moments in its history and didn’t harm the game. He didn’t cheat. Didn’t use steroids. Didn’t bet on the game. The writer doesn’t like Schilling. Good for him. I read the article and never want to meet the writer. He doesn’t sound like a baseball fan, he sounds like a leftist college student writing a paper to suck up to his liberal English teacher. So be it. Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame. And, this article helped me understand this website about baseball has decided to be far left. As you wish.

  23. Bob D says:

    Bottom line…If Schilling was a liberal, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation

  24. subziro says:

    Character and decency matters. A person can be the greatest athlete in the world, but how long will it last? Whereas a persons character will continue to grow and last forever. Why glorify or immortalize a person of low moral character who publicly disparages other human beings because they are either poor or of a different skin color, that would only disgrace the hall of fame. Haven’t we had enough of that? America already has a shameful past, shouldn’t we not all come together in our thinking of one another black white and brown and at least try an make it better? When was america great and for whom? Was it great during slavery or was it great when lynching was the predominant way to get rid of people who were out numbered and kidnapped from Africa or was it great when most of the native american indians were killed or forced onto reservations by a bunch of greedy lazy white folks who didn’t wanna work. Inquiring minds wanna know. I understand a lotta folks don’t like reading this cause it’s the ugly truth, but until they can admit promoting racism was and is a vile way of life they’ll just continue to bring their vile racist behavior and thoughts from the past into the future. It (the hall of fame) has enough vile, dis- gusting folks from a racist past installed in it already. People have a choice on how they see the world and themselves. A persons thoughts and behavior will follow them to their grave and well beyond. Folks can either see the world as it really exists in which there’s NO accountability when unarmed folks like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and George Floyd are murdered by racist police on CAMERA which really just reminds us of the struggle we face and all the progress we still have to make, or they can see themselves and the world as people like curt schilling and trump see it, where we have a regressive group of pathological lying racists trying their hardest to drag us all back into the dark ages of American history. If you wanna grow don’t get angry at this piece, live by integrity, compassion for other people, rationality and even self sacrifice because in the end, the only true way that we can measure the significance of our own lives is by valuing the lives of others.

  25. August says:

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of this article. Be sure to click your heels when you shill.

  26. Korean democracy says:

    This article is simply outrageous, filled with inaccuracies and personal bias. Just a fluff piece masquerading as journalism. Absolutely bottom-barrel bogus.

  27. Randy Sanders says:

    Agree. Agree. Agree!

  28. David HErsh says:

    This is ludicrous. Based on his statistics he belongs in the hall. I understand the Pete Rose thing and the White Sox scandal but where’s the criteria set that Schilling didn’t meet? So, he’s not the fine upstanding person you want him to be? I loved Mantle but he certainly didn’t do his family proud, being a womanizer a drunk and who knows shut else. Again, he was my boyhood idol. Eckersley certainly wont be eligible for sainthood anytime soon and I could go on and on about HOFers who are far less than model citizens. A Yankee fan here who despised Schilling but stats are stats, he belongs in the hall. Isn’t it unfortunate that sports and politics have gotten to be bosom buddies? That’s not the way it was intended to play out and for those who sit in judgement of Schilling, find another cause…

  29. David G Votary says:

    What is wrong with you. They call it the theory of evolution because that’s what it is. There is no proof to support the theory, or they would be able to state the FACTS OF EVOLUTION. There are none. It is my understanding that he compared muslim extremists to nazi Germans. How many Germans do we know that committed suicide to kill their enemy? You would probably throw George Washington and Abraham Lincoln out of our history books if you found out something they did that you don’t like. 250 years later, we may have a different perspective on some things, but that doesn’t change what they did!!!!!

  30. MARK P. says:

    This article is garbage….its a left wing hit piece filled with bold faced lies and accusations..Not one thing in this article ever talked about his accomplishments on the field,and with those accomplishments were done with grit,guts,raw talent and an incredible resume of the highest standard in the games biggest moments…He never disrespected the game or his teammates who to a man have nothing but respect and admiration for his contributions as a BASEBALL PLAYER,,,something you wont even go near….Go screw yourself with your lunatic left wing bias…you hate the man because he is a CONSERVATIVE,who loves his country,worships our troops,gives to the less fortunate regardless of race and color…You hate what his passions are beliefs are…something he is entitled to….You are a phony,a complete fake, attacking a great pitcher for things that he said that oppose your beliefs AFTER HIS CAREER IS OVER!!…..Those things have nothing to do with baseball and the accoplishments that all players should be judged on…..This man literally carried teams in the post season…arguably the greatest post season pitcher in the modern era…He never harmed or disrespected the game during his career…and your henious accusations about his statements made after his playing days are misrepresented,,exaggerated,twisted,and flat out bullshit…..Curt Schilling for whatever his beliefs are ,has more balls and integrity than you will ever have…

  31. F Q Anon says:

    Religion is ruining our country

  32. Greg says:

    This is complete drivel. You should be glad the internet gives you a platform to express your views. Hard to believe you’re employed

  33. Toxic White Make says:

    You support discrimination against people you disagree with, and anything you don’t like is considered “hateful”

    Got it. You’re an idiot.

  34. Raul Flores says:

    216 wins? Not good enough.

  35. Hap Ballinski says:

    This is where we are at people, Judgement and attacks on individuals character. Not sure who died and made Zach s viewpoint on character to be the correct one! So to simplify things,Let’s focus on accomplishments ON the field, Not on the character that YOU judge to be immoral , calling someone a racist ( currently the most overused and hateful WORD actually being tossed about )..This BS of course actually is far more reaching than the sports world and needs to be curtailed at least to the point where the supposed guilt is directly tied to one’s political associations. You Zach are bias, prejudicial , and far more hateful that Mr. Schillins could ever be.Not really certain where your attitude comes from but stop micro analytics and look at the bigger picture. You are truly disgusting and have zero credibility.

  36. Larry Lemming says:

    Curt Schilling should be in the Hall of fame for many reasons but those wanting to keep him out use the flimsiest of excuses!!! Why should he not have the RIGHT to have political opinions of his own, Why can he not give his take on controversial subjects..The Hall of Fame should use the Career of the Candidate, his numbers, The Championships he helped win, and yes his courage in the face of adversity…I played the game of baseball on a high level but apparently didn’t have the ability to take it all the way. Using politics and opinion (in many cases of people who never played the game) is totally unacceptable..Stats, and the ability to play the game at a Hall of Fame level should be the only thing used to make that determination…Opinions are like Aholes everybody has one…

  37. Gene says:

    Wow, a lot of old timer ballers fit schillings discription, do we now weed them out and probably eliminate a large percentage of HOFers.

  38. HATE Racists says:

    Curt Schilling is a racist piece of crap who endangers people’s lives because trump followers are violent idiots looking for any excuse to bully people who aren’t real “Muricans”. Eff Curt Schilling, 216 wins in 22 years? yawn.

  39. John D. says:

    more cry baby liberal bitches.screaming “if you don’t see it our way it’s wrong” ya’ll are the fucking nazi’s. Transgenderism is a mental illness bottom line. If you think otherwise you’re in the same boat, if I “IDENTIFY” as the second coming of Christ I’m labeled crazy right? But you can “identify” as a man or a woman when you’re not and it’s ok because it falls in line with bullshit liberal beliefs. You can take your socialist and nazi beliefs and gtfo of our country. No room for your nonsense here. You want to keep a man out of the hall because of his beliefs and things said after retirement. Stop being a cry baby bitch.

  40. Jon Stimson says:

    Zach Hayes ignorant biased commentary is repugnant and embarrassing. Did he really say that because Schilling argued against ‘evolution’ he should not be considered for a hall of fame vote?! Did he really say that because Curt Schilling questioned the validity of the 2020 Presidential election, he should be eliminated from consideration?! Hayes blind hypocrisy is shocking. So-called ‘journalist’s’ like him for 5 years passed on the lies and conspiracy theories regarding then President Trump. He is obviously nothing more than a political hack who’s observations and logic cannot be trusted.

  41. Jack Bimber says:

    You are out of your mind. As if you are the arbiter of all things holy and righteous! I have had conversations with major leaguers who declare that all pitchers cheat, and every hitter looks for an edge. I do not care, nor do most actual baseball players and fans, who has a lawsuit, who hit someone, who smoked a roach, who made a slur, who stole a dime when he was ten. Have you ever sat in a dugout with high-level ballplayers? I thought not. But, to see the best ones play is a beautiful thing, never-to-be-forgotten, except morons like you try to ruin it for everyone else who votes differently from you. You are a disgrace to baseball fandom everywhere.

  42. James G. says:

    Amen my friend. I get sick of these clearly left wing journalists who think that off the field banter had everything to do with whether or not you get to go to the HOF. It’s ridiculous! We should be looking at what he did in his career as a baseball player, AND THATS IT!! It amazes me that we are getting people cancelled from life because of their personal/political views (which most as myself don’t agree with a lot of the time) and not letting him into something as prestigious as being elected into the HOF because he votes for Trump is absurd on its face. People need to stop this crap. Identify politics is ruining society and it’s not fair that one side of the aisle gets to ruin whoever’s lives they want because they don’t agree with their political beliefs, meanwhile everyone else doesn’t do that to them with their crazy stances on life in general. In a perfect world, we should all learn to get along without having politics playing the only factor in us not getting along. It’s got to stop. And PITCHERS LIST, you guys need to do better and stop reporting on people’s personal beliefs, and start reporting on the game of baseball and what the people involved have done for the game of baseball, and that’s it!!

  43. allcanadianamericanboybrady says:

    Schilling is a POS,but the MLB Hall Of Fame has about seven known or suspected KKKers in it.Until it’s proven that Schilling advocates racist,homophobic or misogynistic violence,he should be in Cooperstown.(And I’m a black man.)

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