World Series Recap – Wednesday, 10/27

Skipping school and a home win. You've got to love playoff baseball.

We’re two games into the World Series and it’s all tied up. Both teams have each had dominant games so far, so where do we go from here? Back and forth blowouts or close games? Who’s to say? Either way, each fanbase has felt all of the emotions through two games. While we didn’t have the best game on Wednesday, we still had fun. Do you know why? It’s baseball. And it’s the playoffs! That means there’s always something fun going on. So, let’s get into it.


Astros 7, Braves 2

Playoff baseball just means more. Every moment is stressful, every pitch means something, and your breath is constantly being held. Do you know what else is like that? School. School is stressful, and playoff baseball on top of that makes it even worse. What’s the solution, you ask? Well, this kid’s got it. 

Playoff baseball in person is definitely better than homework. Especially when your favorite team wins. No homework and a win? What’s better than that?

Well, I might be able to think of one thing. A home win in the World Series has to be one of the most exciting things in the sport. And it’s been a while since that happened. The last team to do that was the 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers. And that took 18 innings! It didn’t happen in 2019, and we saw neutral site games for the World Series last season. Well, that streak was broken on Wednesday.

A home World Series win! To be honest with you, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that a home team hadn’t won since 2018. But, now that I know it happened again, it’s pretty cool.

Not only did there Astros win the first World Series home game since 2018, but they had a player swing one step closer to history.

Jose Altuve’s first playoff game was in 2017. He’s already tied for second all-time in postseason homers!

Maybe the best part about this is Dusty Baker looking so happy to tell Altuve where he is in the standings. He genuinely looks happy, and that’s what you want to see from a manager. Putting those two fingers up made him grin so big.

I won’t make a Siri joke for the next bit, I promise. I’ll be serious.

Jose Siri had an eventful second inning on Wednesday.

He hustled out this single that gave the Astros a lead they wouldn’t surrender. He swung hard, but it ended up being a groundball that he beat out. That’s fun by itself, beating out a single to give your team the lead in the World Series. That wasn’t even the best baserunning that Siri displayed that inning.

He just kept running! He scored from first on a pretty routine groundball hit to left. It was a little funky from the defense, Swanson let the ball go assuming that there was someone on third and the ball rolled to the backstop. But, Siri kept running and didn’t stop until he scored. That’s what playoff baseball is all about. I hope that you didn’t set your phone off while you were reading this out loud.

Sorry, I thought I was better than that.

Brett Phillips is hilarious. Sure, you know the amazing laugh. He’s also a great reporter. He interviewed players at the All-Star Game, and he’s back for the World Series. He keeps it real and asks the hard-hitting questions. He did exactly that with Dansby Swanson. He said what we’re all thinking.

I mean, I detect no lies. And that jacket? He’s absolutely killing it. Passan and Rosenthal better watch out.

We had fun on Wednesday and now that they’re tied, we’ll have even more fun while we head to Atlanta for Game Three. We won’t have baseball on Thursday, so let’s try to enjoy Friday even more.



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