Aaron Judge Has Gone Nuclear

Aaron Judge is Crushing Baseballs at Nearly Unseen Rates.

The entire baseball world is talking about Aaron Judge right now and for very good reason. The Yankees superstar is currently on an absolutely outrageous run, truly turning April showers into May flowers. After finishing April with a batting average of .207, Judge hit .361 in May, with a SLG of .918. Judge has had hot streaks before, but this is a level of ball-mashing that we have not seen in decades. Even during his record-breaking 2022 campaign, Judge never had a streak quite like this one, and we need to talk about how incredible it is.

Often times, the Going Deep team here at Pitcher List likes to shed light on underappreciated players. This is not going to be one of these times. This is going to be me ogling over one of the best players in baseball going absolutely ballistic, and talking about just how ridiculous he’s been:


Judge entered May looking… unlike himself. He wasn’t bad, but he was not producing at the level you’d expect from a hitter the caliber of Aaron Judge. Here’s what I mean:


The Judge is out
The Judge is in

Carson Picard

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