Aaron Nola’s Knuckle-Curve and the Nastiest Pitches from 8/20

Donny Moskovits reviews the nastiest pitches from Tuesday's slate of games, including Aaron Nola's knuckle-curve, Cal Quantrill's two-seamer, and Sonny Gray's slider.

Every morning, we review the nastiest pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious high-definition GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back this weekend to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the First Quarter Contest. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @PitcherList, and we’ll GIF it up and give you a shoutout here in the article.


Aaron Nola’s Knuckle-Curve




Last night, the Phillies took a three-run lead early, and Aaron Nola held that lead for seven strong innings as he picked up his 12th win of the season. Nola struck out seven batters in the victory, and no pitch he threw was filthier than the last one of the night for him, a knuckle-curve that absolutely jammed Mitch Moreland.


Sonny Gray’s Slider




Sonny Gray just keeps on rolling. He struck out 10 Padres over his six quality innings as he lowered his ERA to a stellar 2.92 on the season. Gray is known for his tandem of a curveball and slider, which both have pVALs higher than 8. Here, it’s the latter on display, running inside toward the back foot of Francisco Mejia for a swinging strike three.


Cal Quantrill’s Two-Seamer




Congratulations to Gray, who gets two features in today’s Nastiest Pitches! Unfortunately, this time Gray is on the receiving end of a wicked pitch: Cal Quantrill’s two-seamer, which runs in on Gray and makes him do a full 360-degree rotation on this swing.


Homer Bailey’s Splitter




Homer Bailey might just be hitting his stride. Last outing, he put up seven innings of shutout ball, and last night, he kept it up. Bailey pitched 5.2 innings and struck out eight batters, seven of whom went down on the splitter. Included in those seven is Mike Tauchman, who went down swinging at the filthy offering here.


Stephen Strasburg’s Curveball




The Nationals picked up a rough L last night at the hands of their bullpen. Stephen Strasburg did all he could to keep the Nats in the game through seven innings, but it just wasn’t enough. Strasburg got stuck with an unfortunate no decision, but he was still able to get some beautiful whiffs, most notably this one that came at the expense of Adam Frazier’s pride.


Dallas Keuchel’s Two-Seamer




Ah, who doesn’t love a historic strikeout? This one comes courtesy of Dallas Keuchel, who on this pitch notched strikeout number 1,000 for his career. And if there was any way for Keuchel to do it, this was it. Watch as he masterfully paints the corner of the plate as well as one possibly can to freeze opposing pitcher Elieser Hernandez. 


GIF of the Night


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