Aaron Sanchez’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches from 4/11

Aaron Sanchez, Blake Treinen, and newcomer Brandon Brennan lead Thursday's Nastiest Pitches.

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Aaron Sanchez’s Curveball




Aaron Sanchez has never lacked for pure stuff but has struggled with his command throughout his career. Pitching through a jam in the first inning, Sanchez was able to strike out Xander Bogaerts with a curveball that bends across the zone. (Thanks to PitcherList’s @AlexFast8 for the tip!)


Blake Treinen’s Cutter




Blake Treinen is a mainstay around these parts with his combination of ridiculous movement and high velocity. This cutter to Cedric Mullins just isn’t fair. No hitter can be expected to hit a pitch at 95 mph that moves from the middle of the zone to under their hands.


Dylan Bundy’s Slider




Dylan Bundy was cruising through four innings but lost command and ended up giving up four homers including two to Khris Davis. Before the carnage started, Bundy threw a great slider to Davis that drops straight down as it nears the plate.


Joe Musgrove’s Curveball




Joe Musgrove has been come out of blocks hot to start the year. Picking up from last year, Musgrove has used an old-school curveball to to finish hitters. This breaker leaves Daniel Descalso frozen before it catches the bottom of the zone.


Shane Bieber’s Changeup




Shane Bieber can be overlooked because he’s the fourth-best pitcher in baseball’s best rotation, but if he keeps pitching like he did last night, everyone will know his name soon. Miguel Cabrera sees a low fastball ready to be teed off on, but the pitch stops on its way to the plate and leaves Miggy way out in front.


Brandon Brennan’s Changeup




To be honest, I had never heard of Brandon Brennan before I checked the box score and saw he struck out the side. I’m going to pay more attention because his changeup is a valuable weapon out of the bullpen. Ryan O’Hearn was left flailing on this changeup with pronounced fade.


Steve Cishek’s Fastball




Steve Cishek and almost the entire Cubs pitching staff has struggled to start the year, so last night’s combined shutout was a welcome sight for Cubs fans. This Cishek sinker to finish Jason Martin seems almost like a backward slider as it moves from the middle third to the opposite batter’s box. (Thanks to @TheBlogFines for the tip!)


Zack Godley’s Curveball




Zack Godley had an atrocious 2018 season after his breakout in 2017. If Godley can move closer to his walk rate from 2017, his stuff will shine through. His signature weapon is a sharp curveball for which Wil Myers had no answer. Three curveballs and back to the dugout for Myers.


Edwin Diaz’s Fastball




Edwin Diaz has a K/9 over 15 to begin this season, after a K/9 over 15 all of last season, for a reason. A hitter can know his fastball is coming, and the movement and speed can still beat him. Freddie Freeman swung through a rising 99 mph fastball up in the zone to finish another win for the division leading New York Mets.


GIF of the Night


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2 responses to “Aaron Sanchez’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches from 4/11”

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, some great ones yesterday.

  2. CJ says:

    Diaz’s pitching motion is so violent. Stomping his foot down and just throwing the hell out of that ball..

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