ADP Draft Values for CBS Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Dave Funnell examines some CBS Fantasy Draft Day bargains.

It’s drafting season, and there’s no better feeling than building a team from scratch. Quite frankly, it’s always nice to pick your players, compile some projected numbers, and project where your team will be throughout the season. That being said, the site from where you draft could make the difference between a good team and a great one.

Various sites have their own ADP rankings which differ from site to site. The reasons for this are that, on every draft platform, there’s always a different group of people selecting their players for whatever reason. For instance, some sites, such as CBS, have many mono leagues where only half of the player pool can be used. Other sites, like ESPN, have a lot of points leagues where the format of it differentiates itself from the rotisserie format. And additionally, there are other sites, like Yahoo, that have a lot of keeper leagues and different eligibility rules, which may change the value of a player. All in all, things differ from site to site.

That’s where the values come in. It’s quite possible to look at one site’s rankings, see certain players being drafted in an odd place, and capitalize on these variances. Many drafters use the ADP list as a guide toward player value, which could lead to some hidden treasure. Here are the values for ADP in CBS Fantasy Baseball Leagues.

It’s important to remember that CBS hosts a lot of mono fantasy leagues. This means that it could be an AL-only or NL-only league with regard to the player pool. Their eligibility is also stricter than in other formats, meaning that players may lose value and be drafted a lot later.

Note: Always remember to know your league settings. The following players are based on 5×5 leagues. The consensus ADP that is listed takes the valued ADP into account, making it even more of a bargain.


Corbin Burnes – ADP 22


Heading into the season, most drafts have seen pitching pushed down and waited on for later. Hitting has reigned supreme in most formats because certain positions dry up later in drafts. One thing has remained constant, however, and that’s pitching is available late in drafts. However, most drafts have seen one or two pitchers taken in the earliest of rounds, and one of those has always been Corbin Burnes, who remains one of the league’s best. It was quite surprising to see his ADP near the end of the second round in 12-team leagues.

The aforementioned graphic ranks all pitchers based on strikeouts since the shortened 2020 season. Looking through the numbers, he looks to be more impressive than Cole despite the strikeout differential. His ERA remains well below three, and his home runs allowed are ridiculously low. Looking even deeper at his PL Player Page, the numbers under the hood are incredible. Last season alone, he had four pitches with a CSW over 32% while holding batters on those pitches under a .222 batting average. Additionally, with those four pitches, he’s getting a strike percentage of at least 57%, which is ridiculous in its own right.

Summary: Drafting a pitcher early in drafts isn’t for everyone. While hitting early is the preferred method for most, zigging while others zag isn’t the worst thing. By taking Corbin Burnes early enough, managers are essentially solidifying the top of their rotation with a pitcher who can be placed in any game under any situation. Having an ADP this late as opposed to his consensus ADP of 12 elsewhere gives a tremendous advantage to those wishing to go down the path of pitching early.


MJ Melendez – ADP 152


MJ Melendez is someone that I was targeting early in the draft season because of his lowered draft price. His overall stat line doesn’t look all that impressive because of his low batting average. Anytime someone flirts with the Mendoza Line like that, it should bring about some concern. On the contrary here, because there’s actually a lot to like going forward.

Looking above, Melendez is someone who not only hits the ball hard but also spreads the ball around the field in order to do his damage. His elite patience at the plate shows that he knows when and how to wait for a pitch that he likes. Additionally, that sprint speed is enticing, given the new rules for runners on base this year. Last season, he attempted five steals and finished with two. Is there a chance for double-digit stolen bases?

Summary: Melendez is someone that comes with outfield eligibility and who will play every day for the Royals. Whether he’s behind the plate or in the outfield, he will get his at-bats. Last year, he uncharacteristically struggled against right-handed pitchers, with a .193 batting average. During his 2021 breakout, his batting average was .274 in the same situation, and he hit 21 home runs. If he can get back to that standard rate of raking, he could be one of the game’s best at the catcher position. With a consensus ADP of 112, this CBS discount is a very nice price and one worth taking.


Jordan Montgomery – ADP 204


After trading away Harrison Bader last year, the St. Louis Cardinals brought in the under-achieving Jordan Montgomery to their rotation. Starting pitching was a weakness for them, and the team had hoped that he would bolster their rotation in a big way. It turns out, they were able to utilize his arsenal in a way he hadn’t been used: letting him throw his best pitch more often.

That’s quite the jump in fastball usage from his final game with the Yankees to his first with the Cardinals. He ended the season with 19 strikeouts with the Cardinals on the fastball, as opposed to six beforehand as a member of the Yankees. Overall, his K/9 rate finished at 8.6 K/9 in St. Louis as opposed to 7.6 K/9 in New York. Essentially, the Cardinals unleashed a new level of greatness that had otherwise been hidden for years with the Yankees.

Summary: Montgomery isn’t the flashiest of players, as his numbers don’t blow managers away. He isn’t going to win leagues because of a breakout, but he also won’t lose leagues due to a breakdown. The potential for another level is there, due to the fact that he’s had an entire offseason with the Cardinals, which leads to more growth and development. With a consensus ADP of 158, there’s a real possibility for managers to cash in on this discount and build their rotation with Montgomery being a solid SP4 with SP3 upside.


Other ADP Values


Lucas Giolito: CBS ADP 160 vs Consensus ADP 145

Seiya Suzuki: CBS ADP 162 vs Consensus ADP 131

Eugenio Suarez: CBS ADP 168 vs Consensus ADP 145

Joe Ryan: CBS ADP 171 vs Consensus ADP 152

Ian Happ: CBS ADP 183 vs Consensus ADP 166

Alec Bohm: CBS ADP 207 vs Consensus ADP 184

Brady Singer: CBS ADP 216 vs Consensus ADP 184

Merrill Kelly: CBS ADP 248 vs Consensus ADP 219

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