Baby Trout Arrives And 5 Cool Things From Saturday

Saturday baseball is the best, we all know that.

The dark clouds have descended upon this most unusual MLB season. The threats of the coronavirus, the irresponsibility of some big league players, and the inept management at club and corporate levels mean the season teeters on the brink of doom more than ever. But, why so glum? Those things are not what we are here to discuss, so rest easy! At the end of the day, we still have baseball, and it is still glorious.

Let’s look at how Saturday reminded us of why we love baseball.


What Do You Call A Baby GOAT?


Huge congratulations to the Trout family, who welcomed their first child into this strange world. Mike Trout announced the happy news via his Twitter handle on Saturday. The name is, of course, synonymous with another sporting great who made a huge impact on the city of Los Angeles – David Beckham.


As well wishes flooded in from across the baseball world, the ever wonderful Baseball Reference wasted no time in predicting a future for Baby Trout in the limelight like his father.


Congrats Mike, from all of us at Pitcher List.


The Mariners Played Good Defense


Yep, you read this one right. It is somewhat hard to believe after year on year of at-best average defense in Seattle. But, there is a new breed of young guns for the Mariners, which offer hope that the long-winded and long-awaited rebuild is starting to bear fruit. In the top of the 3rd inning, with 1 out, in their matchup against the Oakland Athletics, their promising infield of the future pulled off something rather special.

The play went like this – Sean Murphy hit a bouncing groundball straight up the middle, 24-year-old Shed Long made a great pick up and flicked the ball to 25-year-old J.P. Crawford, who all-in-one motion stepped on the bag at second base before sending a one-hop throw to 24-year-old first baseman Evan White for the double play. Sounds good? Looks even better.

“It’s happening, isn’t it?” Mariners fans.


Brotherly Love


Deep down, somewhere everyone loves to barrack for the underdogs. Your average baseball fan will not have heard much about brothers Scott and Tyler Heineman. Big brother Tyler, 29, made his MLB debut last year in that unforgettable Miami Marlins team; he is now the starting catcher for the San Francisco Giants. Little brother Scott Heinemann, 27, also made his MLB debut last term for the Texas Rangers as an outfielder. They met for the first time in the bigs yesterday in the Rangers and Giants game and even exchanged the lineup cards together, awwww!


In the 9th inning, Scott hit a home run off  Giants reliever Sam Selman.


The ever-entertaining team at Céspedes Family BBQ caught a nice moment after Tyler watched his little brother round the bases and come home. A cheeky smile, well done bro!



Cheeky Lindor Asks The Question


Francisco Lindor always plays with a smile on his face, it is why we love him. During his first plate appearance at Target Field, he was clearly curious about something when he came up to the plate.

As you can see, he uses his bat to question the home plate umpire about the size of the batter’s box.


The crew chief was then called out to check the exact dimensions.


After some handy utensils were utilized by Head Groundskeeper Larry Devino, everyone was happy that they could continue. Phew, that would have been embarrassing! I mean it’s not like they haven’t had the time to check these things, right?!



Olympic Torch Glove Relay


You don’t see this every day. Tyler Chatwood threw a pitch through Wilson Contreras‘ glove in the 5th inning of the Cubs game against the Pirates.


A new glove was called for from the bullpen, and there was a team Olympic torch relay to get the new glove to the Cubs catcher. Kyle Schwarber got off to a flyer out of the blocks…


…before teammate, Javier Báez ran a middling second leg.


Luckily, Ian Happ picked up the pace…


…before Contreras himself made the mad dash to the plate. Gold medal stuff, lads.



Orioles Walk-Off Dance 


The Baltimore Orioles are balling! With a .571 winning percentage in early August (haha!) and a commitment to playing some good fundamental baseball, there is some quiet optimism and team camaraderie around the ballclub. After taking another game off the World Series favored Tampa Bay Rays, the team celebrated in socially distanced glory. Why not, everyone is eating Oriole humble pie right now.


Enjoy today’s slate of games. See you at the (virtual) ballpark!

Benjamin Haller

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