Dylan Cease’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 7/3

Nate Watt breaks down the nastiest pitches from Wednesday's games, including Dylan Cease's slider and Peter Lambert's changeup.

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Dylan Cease’s Slider




Despite a rough go of it at Triple-A in 2019, the White Sox still called up their top farmhand pitcher, Dylan Cease, who debuted Wednesday to mixed results. He struck out six Tigers over five innings of work, though four walks in that span was a disappointing, albeit expected, trade-off. The 23-year-old absolutely oozes talent though and should provide plenty of value for his fantasy owners this year.


Raisel Iglesias‘ Changeup




Raisel Iglesias has been a mixed bag for fantasy owners this year, especially with the new-look Cincinnati Reds performing far, far worse than they expected themselves to. The five-year vet is still striking out guys at an impressive clip though, and his mediocre 4.17 ERA should regress back closer to where we’re used to seeing it.


Pedro Strop’s Slider




Moving on to a similarly performing division mate, Pedro Strop’s abbreviated 2019 has been underwhelming thus far, with the aging hurler being more susceptible to the long ball than ever (then again, who isn’t these days?). Still though, Strop has consistently been an excellent reliever over his 11-year career and should hopefully settle back into his old routine.


Nick Pivetta’s Curveball




Though his first couple starts back from Triple-A were electric, Pivetta has quickly reminded us why he was in Triple-A to begin with. I’m not sure what’s more infuriating: the tantalizing upside he flashes during his mediocre to awful starts, or the fact that said upside ALWAYS convinces me that streaming Nick Pivetta is a great idea.


Cal Quantrill’s Slider




Cal Quantrill has carried over his struggles from Triple-A to the majors so far this year, as the Stanford alum seemingly cannot stop giving up hits. The hurler has certainly shown promise in the minors, but he’ll have to show said promise at the highest stage sooner than later, with the amount of talented up and coming arms the Friars have.

Fun fact: I tried desperately to find any fun parallels between Cal and his father, Paul’s, rookie years and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. They both have a .500 win percentage through their first 11 games as Padres? I guess? At least I tried.


Peter Lambert’s Changeup




Peter Lambert, winner of the PL “Name sounds the most like he should be teaching a high school AP Literature class” Award has had a rough start to his Rockies career, having allowed as many earned runs as guys he’s struck out, giving him a grotesque 6.67 ERA. As has been the trend with the rookie pitchers in today’s roundup, Lambert wasn’t pitching particularly well in Triple-A either before getting called up. Like Quantrill, Lambert is absolutely hemorrhaging hits, and until he can stop doing so (especially given his home park), his stat line will also look like he should be teaching a high school AP Literature class.


GIF of the Night


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