Hitter List 5/23: Ranking the Top 150 Hitters To Own ROS

Kyle Bishop's update ranking the Top 150 Hitters every Wednesday through 2018.

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Welcome back to Hitter List. Every Wednesday during the regular season, I’ll rank the current value of the top 150 hitters for the remainder of the year. Use these rankings to help get a sense of both a player’s expected performance and his trade value in your fantasy leagues moving forward.  They’re constructed with 12-teamer, H2H, 5×5 leagues in mind; adjust as needed for your specific setup. Position eligibility does factor in to a degree.

As a reminder: There’s a ton of baseball left to be played, and these are rest of season rankings. We’re interested in the long view ’round these parts. That said, adjustments to the List are becoming more aggressive as we move deeper into the year. With that should come the acknowledgment that small shifts in a specific player’s ranking are often as much a consequence of other players’ more drastic movements as anything else. This is especially true when injuries occur. Put another way, please do not @ me if a guy moved up like two spots even if he’s failed to get a hit in the last couple games. I do, however, welcome more substantive grievances in the comments.

On to the highlights!

  • Injury roundup: Another week, another marquee MI-eligible player down as Dee Gordon’s broken toe could cost him the rest of the first half. Paul DeJong isn’t quite on the same level, but his broken hand will keep him out until after the break. Both take a serious tumble in the ranks as a result. Starling Marte’s oblique strain isn’t thought to be serious, while Ryan Braun could return as early as Thursday after landing on the DL with back tightness. Steven Souza is back on the shelf with a strained pectoral muscle, the same injury that has kept him out for all but 14 games this year. Khris Davis hadn’t been placed on the disabled list as of Tuesday night, but reports suggest that his groin strain will put him there. Lastly, keep an eye on Nelson Cruz’s status – he was hit by a pitch on the elbow on Saturday and hasn’t played since.
  • New to or back on the List this week:  Jesus Aguilar, Brandon Crawford, Travis Jankowski, John Hicks. Justin Bour, and Francisco Cervelli. Aguilar has been outstanding filling in for Eric Thames, though once Thames and Braun are healthy it may be tough for him to find at-bats. A shame, really, as he’s slashed .281/.346/.527 with 23 home runs in just 434 plate appearances dating back to last season. Crawford has been insane in May; he hit his second homer in three nights on Tuesday while logging his 10th multi-game game since the calendar flipped. Jankowski is hitting .354 and is a perfect 7-for-7 in stolen base attempts across just 20 games. With so many Padres outfielders either hurt or scuffling, he’s at least a great short-term play. Hicks has filled in admirably for Miguel Cabrera at first base, though fantasy owners should be plugging him in at catcher, his primary position. Let’s hope the Tigers just let Miggy DH and finally stop trying to make Victor Martinez happen so Hicks can keep playing regularly. Bour has quietly put up a 1.027 OPS this month while walking in nearly 30 percent of his plate appearances. Imagine if he was on an actual major league team! Finally, Cervelli probably should have been on the List before now, and I’m surprised nobody yelled at me about it. He’s nearly doubled his FB% and is already one homer shy of tying his career best.
  • Why isn’t Billy Hamilton stealing bases? He’s just 8-for-10 so far, and we’re almost a third of the way through the season. He’s as terrible at the plate as ever, so the unfortunate souls who drafted him have gotten nothing for their trouble. You have to think he’ll start running at some point, but until he does he’s completely useless.

Kyle Bishop

Kyle also writes for RotoBaller and Metro.us. He lives in Denver.

35 responses to “Hitter List 5/23: Ranking the Top 150 Hitters To Own ROS”

  1. RB says:

    Hoskins has been awful. Shouldn’t he be around the same level as Bellinger?

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Hoskins’ xStats are significantly better: .242 xBA, .529 xSLG, .390 xWOBA vs. .217, .449, .312 for Belly. Hoskins’ Statcast data (launch angle, barrels, exit velo, hard%) all steady or better than last year, while Bellinger’s have either held steady or dramatically declined.

  2. Will says:

    Are the peripherals really bad on Jose Martinez? I understand he doesn’t have the power of many 1Bs, but he’s working on his 2nd straight .300 season in the majors and the lineup around him looks to be heating up. (Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, this is my first season really paying attention to Fantasy Baseball).

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Nah, peripherals are good. He just got passed by some guys who deserved to be moved up. The lack of power does cap his value a bit though.

  3. Benthic says:

    How does Schoop move up 5 spots and why is he ranked so high?

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Bunch of guys ahead of him got hurt or were dropped for underperformance this week, but yeah he probably should have been in the latter group. I think he’s absolutely better than this but gotta start showing something.

  4. Zrocket says:

    Interesting to see the huge McCutchen drop. Can I have some context for it please? I know the K% is very ugly, but he’s beating the crap out of the ball and the walk percentage is up. Do you see a turn around for him, or is it looking grim? Thanks.

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Peripherals/xStats are encouraging but he hasn’t homered or stolen a base in over a month. Might have been a tad harsh, though.

  5. theKraken says:

    What does Jose Ramirez have to do to bump people out of the top 10?

  6. theKraken says:

    What does Jose Ramirez have to so to get in the top 10? Also, I don’t think Dee Gordon is supposed to be out for the first half.

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      I’d seen some initial reports of a 6-8 week timetable but that’s if surgery is necessary, which the team is hoping will not be the case. I have a hard time believing he’s only going to need the minimum 10 days though, and a foot injury isn’t great for a guy who gets most of his value from his speed. Still, if he’s not out that long this week’s drop is a overcorrection.

      Jose’s literally as close to the top 10 as you can be without being in it and the only guy who you could say deserves to be dropped from that group is Altuve.

      • theKraken says:

        You should know that I will say Turner! That is the guy that doesn’t belong with the others.

  7. NH says:

    Would you trade Didi?

  8. Danny Doherty says:

    Hey Kyle, I have the hitting version of Shohei Ohtani (exclusively in the utility slot) in my 12-team league. Is he below the Top 150 due to his limited availability or his performance? Thanks.

  9. Adrian says:

    Are you buying into Cron? He made such a big jump.

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Nothing fluky about what he’s doing and no immediate threats to his playing time (which was never the case in LA).

  10. Kevin says:

    Brace yourself for the hate for leaving Juan Soto off the list.

  11. Ryan says:

    Mookie should absolutely be first on this list.

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      No shame in being #2 behind a guy who could literally retire right now at age 26 and deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and is currently on pace for the best season of his career…

  12. William Ian McNeill says:

    Are the peripherals really bad on Jose Martinez? I understand he doesn’t have the power of many 1Bs, but he’s working on his 2nd straight .300 season in the majors and the lineup around him looks to be heating up. (Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, this is my first season really paying attention to Fantasy Baseball).

  13. David C. says:

    Does Tyler O’neill Ever crack this list?

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      He’s on the radar for sure, that contact rate is scary though. We’ll see where he’s at when the ridiculous HR/FB% normalizes a bit. Also expecting Dexter Fowler to get out of this funk sooner or later which makes it tougher to find at-bats for O’Neill.

  14. Edgardo says:

    I happen to have encarnacion in one league. His ranking seems high to me. What is the reason for hope? his k%has increased in he last years.

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      Usually starts slow so April struggles not a concern to me, hitting .283/.348/.533 in May and still pacing toward another 35 HR/90+ RBI season.

  15. NH says:

    I am looking at dropping or trading some of my players to pick up some FA’s. Here is my team.

    C – Grandal, Yadi
    1B – Votto,
    2B – Ramirez, Torres
    3B – Machado
    SS – Didi, Asdrubal Cabrera
    OF – Hoskins, Mazara, Jose Martinez, Pollock

    SP – Severino, Corbin, Morton, Clevinger, Mikolas, Sale, Robbie Ray, Kershaw
    RP – Kimbrel, Hand

    Here are the players I am interested in picking up
    Rojas, Tyler O’Neill, Cordero, Profar
    Jack Flaherty, Alex Reyes, Yarbrough, Nate Jones, Kyle Gibson, Rodney

    Which players would you drop or trade off my team and which players from the list above would you try and pick up. All these guys are FA’s.

  16. Stas says:

    What makes Brett Gardner #89? He’s got solid runs production but that is just about it for now, what makes him more valuable than Semien, for example?

  17. Stas says:

    What about Gardner makes him #89? His only valuable asset this season is runs, what makes his rank higher than someone like Semien??

    • Kyle Bishop says:

      April still dragging his numbers down, hitting .271/.397/.390 in May and I think there is still some pop in the bat.

  18. Jared says:

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Juan Soto. But with a straight face, you can say you would rather own John Hicks the ROS over Juan Soto?

    Seems bold…

  19. Martin says:

    Odor seems very cutable. Any reason to be hopeful?

  20. Matt says:

    Is Goldy going to turn it around ?

  21. Saint says:

    With the release of Hanley, do you like Jesus Aguilar or Mitch Moreland ROS?
    12 team 6×6 H2H OPS redraft league.

    Thank you sir!

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