Injury Report: August 18th

Another week, another list of players hitting the IL!

What’s up, everyone! Thanks for checking out this installment of the Injury Report! As always, every week I will be taking a look at the biggest names to hit the IL and see how this will impact their 2020 season.


Stephen Strasburg – Nerve Issue

Stephen Strasburg is on the IL for a nerve issue in his hand. Keep in mind that he was scratched from a start earlier in the season because of the same issue. I said in the Injury Report that featured Strasburg that I wouldn’t be surprised if this lingers around. And what do you know? It seems like it has. You hate to see it, but he rushed back before he was ready. I’m worried that he might miss an extended period of time. Here’s the thing, even if he does return this year I would be extremely concerned about Strasburg for the rest of the season. His 2020 outlook is not promising, I would begin to think about shopping him around.


Return Date: 2-3 weeks


Aaron Judge – Calf Strain

Aaron Judge was placed on the IL with a strained calf. Fantasy owners know this feeling all too well. Judge seems to have a VIP table at the IL Lounge. There is some good news though, this is a grade 1 strain. It shouldn’t sideline Judge for very long, but if he rushes back before he is fully healed then he runs the risk of reinjuring himself.


Return Date: Early Next Week


Tommy Pham – Hamate Fracture

Tommy Pham has effectively had his 2020 season campaign end with a hamate fracture. The Padres are saying that Pham will be out of action for the next 4-6 weeks, which puts a possible return for the last week or so of the regular season. I would be shocked if he makes it back that quickly, and I would guess that he is done for this year. Looking ahead to 2021, this injury shouldn’t impact his performance.


Return Date: 2021


Bo Bichette – Knee Sprain

Bo Bichette has landed on the IL with a right LCL sprain. This is a confusing injury, there wasn’t a specific mechanism that caused the injury and there isn’t much news coming out of Buffalo on the injury. Bichette shouldn’t be out for too long with this, I would expect a 2-3 week IL stint. Once he returns he shouldn’t be bothered by this injury moving forward.


Return Date: 2-3 weeks


Kirby Yates – Elbow Surgery

Kirby Yates is trending towards having season-ending elbow surgery to have bone chips removed. Even though the recovery is only 6 weeks, that timeline will end the season for Yates.


Return Date: 2021


Ronald Acuna – Wrist Inflammation

Ronald Acuna was placed on the IL due to wrist inflammation. I would expect him to miss the minimum or close to the minimum, and return without a hitch. I’m not too worried about this injury.


Return Date: End of August


D.J. LeMahieu – Thumb Sprain

D.J. LeMahieu was placed on the IL with a thumb sprain that will cost him a couple of weeks. Assuming there isn’t a setback, I would expect him to return without issue and continue to build on an impressive 2020 season. I think this was the Yankees’ way of being conservative and not trying to exacerbate the situation.


Return Date: 2-3 weeks


As always, if there is someone else you have a question about, leave me a comment or send me a tweet! I will get to them as I’m able to. Be sure to check back next week for the latest Injury Report!


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2 responses to “Injury Report: August 18th”

  1. Rocket says:

    Nice article. Any thoughts on doing a story about the rate of injury to players this year vs the past 5 seasons? Seems like the injury rate is off the charts this year. SP’s have been especially susceptible to injury this year. I am all for playing ball this year but, I think things could have been done better by the teams, MLB, and the players. Summer camp was inadequate in my opinion. Also, wonder how many of these injuries are career altering. Great news to hear Verlander played catch today and felt good. I hope he takes it slow on his way back.

    • Jake Robinson says:

      Hey Rocket, really sorry for the delay!

      Thanks for reading!
      I have been thinking about doing an article that would dive into the numbers a little more once the off-season rolls around. I think we would find some pretty eye-opening numbers, not only in the rate of injury but the severity of injuries as well. I agree with you that things were rushed and I think we are seeing the consequences of it.

      Verland throwing is great news, but I’m not going to get too excited until he returns and performs at a high level. Flexor strains/tears are still a pretty big injury, but I am optimistic about him throwing again.

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