Joe Smith’s Fastball + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Wednesday’s Games

Check out the nine nastiest pitches from Wednesday's games.

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Joe Smith’s Fastball – Joe Smith has been having a rough season out of the Houston bullpen but this fastball was a beauty and easily the best pitch of his 2 out appearance.  Sidearm action, back-door, two-seamer with a ton of movement?  Stephen Piscotty was locked up on that one for good reason.

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Erik Goeddel’s Changeup – Good arm side run and late drop made this pitch very effective against Lourdes Gurriel Jr. who whiffed on three in a row before going down with a K.

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Aroldis Chapman’s Fastball – Pure paint on the outside at 102 MPH?  Forget about it.  4 seam fastballs don’t get much more lethal than this Chapman knockout blow.

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Chris Stratton’s Curveball – Nose to toes on this big loopy Stratton curve.  He ended up with the loss but set down 7 Phillies in the process.

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Bartolo Colon’s Fastball – Big Sexy knows how to throw a backdoor two-seamer.  Just enough movement and perfect placement in the upper outside corner sent James McCann back to the dugout.

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Jose Leclerc’s Slider – Niko Goodrum couldn’t hold up his swing on this nasty slider that nearly hit his back foot.  Great movement down and in was perfect on that 2-2 count.

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Carlos Carrasco’s Fastball – Carrasco struck out 14 and had a 33% whiff rate on his curveball but this fastball was just not fair.  This 2 seam wonder was heading for the inside corner before some late arm side movement.

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Julio Teheran’s Curveball – Carlos Gomez couldn’t have been more tangled up on this brutal 68 MPH curveball.  Nice movement on both planes and right after an 88 MPH fastball.

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Masahiro Tanaka’s Splitter – Tanaka’s bottom dropping slider is tough to hit as Andrew Benintendi found out the hard way.  There is a reason why Tanaka threw his splitter more than any other pitch.


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    Stratton’s so good, he strikes his own team out.

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    Gallo/Manaea or Goldschmidt? Or perhaps Gallo/Godley or Goldschmidt?


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    How you gonna do Piscotty like that after his mom died. Had to be other pitches you could have used.

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