Joey Votto Studies and 4 Fun Things From Tuesday

Buffalo baseball, swiping home and studying. Check out Tuesday's action

Another great Tuesday of baseball is in the books! Today we saw baseball being played in Buffalo for the first time in 135 years, a steal of home and more players having some fun in the stands. Check out what you missed from Tuesday’s action.


Joey Votto Studies

Joey Votto is one of the best hitters of his generation. He’s very selective at the plate and always knows exactly what he’s doing up there. How does he do it, you ask? Well, he gave us a little glimpse into that on Tuesday before his final at-bat:

It’s clear that this is some sort of scouting report on Royals’ pitcher Josh Staumont, but it’s hard to tell exactly what the binder says. Whatever it was, it worked, with Votto hitting a double to walk-off the Royals. It was his fourth extra-base hit of the year and his first double. After a 2019 campaign in which we saw Votto really struggle for the first time, it’s good to see one of the better hitters and characters in the game have some fun.


McCutchen Rewards A “Fan” 

Without fans in the stands this year, the look of the game is a little different. Most teams have been using cutouts behind the plate and in all of the seats. Some places, like FOX, are doing virtual fans, much like the fans in ‘MLB: The Show.’ That means we don’t get to see players throwing souvenirs into the stands after the inning ends. Or does it?

Cutch had a talk with the cutout, and apparently it was a good talk. Just because it was a cutout doesn’t mean that it stopped McCutchen from rewarding them with a ball. A couple of teams’ announcers have said that if a ball hits a cutout, they will get the ball. So, maybe Cutch was rewarding this person even if they weren’t there to collect it right away.


Freeman Finds A Ball  

Since we don’t have fans in the stands this season, they aren’t there to collect any foul balls that are hit into the stands. There are employees in the stadium that are tabbed to collect the balls, but with so many foul balls hit a game, they aren’t going to get every single one. That means that there will be balls left in the stands. Freddie Freeman had some fun with a leftover ball he found in the stands:

Freeman went to catch the ball in foul territory, but it was out of his reach. But wait! Freeman found a different ball! Joking around, he picked the ball up, hoping that no one noticed and tried to pass it off as if he caught it. Sadly, it didn’t work out. He wasn’t able to pass it off as the ball he caught. Nice try, Freddie. Maybe you’ll get them next time.


Velazquez Steals Home

When a player steals home, it’s one of the most exciting plays in baseball. It takes a really good jump, good timing, and good anticipation on the throw home. Andrew Velazquez did that on Tuesday.

Velazquez had played 40 career games prior to tonight and had only stolen two bases. His third career stolen base was off of Jose Alvarez, and one that gave Baltimore a 6-3 lead in the eighth inning in an eventual 10-9 Orioles win in extra innings. Congrats, Andrew Velazquez, you did well.


Baseball In Buffalo 

Because of the pandemic, the Blue Jays were unable to play in Toronto this season. They tried to share the stadium in Pittsburgh, but it didn’t work out, so they had to play at their Triple-A affiliates’ stadium in Buffalo. Baseball hadn’t been played in Buffalo for 135 years before Tuesday, and the Blue Jays won the game 5-4 in ten innings.

Baseball is back in Buffalo, and it’s a young, fun team. Enjoy it, because you might not get that same fun from the Bills.

Here’s to hoping we have a great Wednesday of baseball.

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